Kamisama Hajimemashita Ep 9: Decisions and Contracts

After having gone to the past, Nanami comes back empty handed after making the decision to help Yukiji who appeared to be Tomoe’s lover swallow the Dragon King’s Eye. She moves onto Plan B and with Mizuki’s help, locates Isohime to confirm whether she in fact has the Dragon Eye inside of her as Isohime has mentioned while she was in the past.

Impression: Man what a lame title I came up with today, my head is in the clouds boooo~
This episode actually made me laugh even more than I had when I was reading this arc the manga! However sometimes when I laughed I wondered if I was laughing too much… and there were times when I felt it was inappropriate for me to be laughing as hard as I did. Such as: the scene when Mizuki was waiting to see how Nanami will handle jealousy and whether she would take the eye from Yukiji or not. It’s weird because I don’t remember laughing at all during that scene when I read the manga. So here I am trying to figure out why was my reaction different from the two? Maybe it was the mood? Perhaps it was the BGM? I don’t have a clue. But whatever, the anime is one thing, the manga is another. It all has to do with the reader’s/viewer’s interpretation.
Mizuki decides to become Nanami’s shinshi, and we got to learn about his masochist side.
No but seriously speaking: If it weren’t for him, well Nanami would be pretty much dead now since Ishohime took her soul and all. So Nanami be grateful that Mizuki became your shinshi!
Nanami was pretty fearless when it came down to taking away 30 years of her life. When I came across this scene while I was reading the manga for the first time, I was caught off guard and wasn’t expecting her to make up her mind so quickly. There’s always been that thought in the back of my head, the thought that tends to over think things more than it should. So of course I couldn’t help but have this dark thought of the price of losing 30 years of her life when nobody knows when they are going to die. What happens when that 30 years is taken away? How much longer do they really have left? That sort of thing. Of course the problem was solved and there was no need to worry about it or bother over thinking it when Mizuki was able to get her soul back as Isohime never intended to take 30 years of her life, but in fact her soul  since the value was far greater.
Thanks to the Dragon King’s wife, Nanami came to realize that even if Tomoe doesn’t love her, she can and will continue to love him because that alone makes her happy. She will put in the efforts to make Tomoe look at her one day.
The Dragon King’s wife is the best. She takes no shit, and her husband fears her so much. Hahahaha!!! She rocks!
Tomoe was absolutely hilarious today. Going all out wrecking havoc in the palace since he was easily able to escape the clam. He didn’t go all out at the beach because no shinshi wishes to soil their hands in front of their master. The best part, hands down- Tomoe going back into the shell just to hide from Nanami! Poor guy trying his hardest to make no physical contact with her, but at least he’s freed from that promise now.
I felt they did his scenes really well. I was very surprised when they made it completely silent when Nanami was pounding (.…… okay, unfortunately it did not sound like she was pounding, it was more like knocking… >_>;;;) the shell for him to open up. Anyhow I am really happy they made this particular scene well animated. If not, I would have been seriously disappointed.
Overall, I think considering what could have happened- this turned out alright. I did feel at times it was rushed, there were a few minor things that irked me, but considering the fact I was still able to enjoy it (not necessarily as much as I did when I was reading the manga though), I am not going to complain too much about it. I am sad that the animation did dip again, but I was happy that at least the major scenes was touched up enough.
Next week… ooooh! I didn’t expect them to take this turn! The backstory about how Tomoe became Mikage’s shinshi! I wonder if this is the one that was included in Kamisama Hajimemashita Vol 13.5 (Fanbook). Truthfully I wasn’t exactly bothered by the idea at first, but now I have mixed feelings. The only thing I am concerned about, it how much they are going to give away. Otherwise… I am going to actually recommend to those who planned to read the manga after this finishes for the season (or forever), to perhaps actually SKIP this story because this could- depending on how it will be done, will contain MAJOR SPOILERS that could potentially ruin your experience. I can’t say too much because I don’t know how it will unfold, but perhaps it would be best to wait and see whether you should or not. I promise you I will give you a heads up if it does make the turn to revealing major spoilers.
I am also going to take a wild guess that since they mentioned there will be two stories in one episode, that it will probably... focus on Mizuki’s side story (which is a chapter, and an adorable one at that).
Anyhow Lets see what will happen next week. With side stories taking up one whole episode, I wonder what we’ll be left with for the final three episodes. :\ Lets try to be optimistic though.

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