Durarara x2 Ten ~ Episode 20 [Izaya’s game]

I believe I said last week that I believed that this week would be an Izaya episode and perfect for me, I was right. This episode pretty much consisted of Izaya doing what he does the best, playing people like they are all just one big game. Each movement he makes, everything from his investigation methods to ‘getting captured’. Are all part of his plan in the long run, there’s a chilling part in the episode where he’s commenting on how weak this gangs torture methods are. That he was expecting to at least lose a few finger nails.
It’s at moments like that, that you realize just how far he’s willing to go for this ‘game’ of his.


He’s sent to investigate two smaller gangs that are popping up in the city and see what kind of backing they have. Of course, if the job was this simple. It would be foolish to even get involved in. So he lets himself get captured, gathers information about the groups through their talking. Of course, he probably already knew a good amount of it.
Then he has his new found group come in and take control of the situation. Sitting down and offering help to these groups, poor children like them being pushed around by the big bad mafia.
The group of girls that caught him, well the one who was doing all the torturing anyway. Tells the girls to attack but they’re all possessed by Saika…wait a second, how in the world are they….


The slasher chick from season one, how in the world had I missed her in the pan of the group that Izaya is with last episode? I’m going to level with you, I’d almost completely forgotten she was a character until she showed up and tried to stab Izaya outside of the gangs hideout. Then how the girls could be possessed by Saika made sense, and I recalled the fact she existed.
I’m trying to recall what happened to her back in the first season, why did she vanish from the chess board for so long? Izaya is selling her information about the man she loves. That’s not unusual at all, but what has she been up to all this time.
Also, Izaya states that her power is not nearly as strong as Anri’s. I wonder if we’re in for another fight between her and Anri.


I’d say the person in Izaya’s ‘group’ that I am currently most interested in, is Mikage. The little sister of the martial arts instructor that Izaya’s little sisters go too for their training. Apparently, she was forced to drop out of school because of him or something along those lines. I would love to hear the backstory between her and Izaya. Speaking of backstory, it looks like we’ll be getting some next episode.
In particular, the backstory between Izaya and the person known as Nakura or, well as we know. That’s a net handle that Izaya uses, in this episode though. He sites Nakura as ‘someone he went to school with.’, I may not know much about the Light novels at all…however, there is one part I do know about. That’s the backstory between Izaya, Shinra and Nakura.
So I am hyped as hell for this next episode!


The last thing I’d like to note about this episode is the absolute joy I took in watching the people who stole the laptop from Celty, get chased down by a headless horse. Maybe that will teach you not to steal from paranormal creatures.


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