Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu Episode 10: Typhoon Attack

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AHHHHH DRAMAAAAAA. I’m that one petty bitch you see front row when some real drama starts up, I live for this kind of stuff.

[HorribleSubs] Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu - 10 [1080p].mkv0045Drama #1: Typhoon Bitch. So the team is super pumped to see people’s responses to their demo and they all give in and look at them together. And they’re all positive and they’re all happy. But then they see another game demo that had come out the same time as theirs called Taiga…something. It looked like a mystery/horror type game that was getting rave reviews, and the whole team decided to play it. They thought it was fantastic and some of them were beginning to doubt themselves, but Kuroda chimed in that they shouldn’t compare their work to the Typhoon company because they’re two different type of games, which is true. So they all ease up. But Kuroda gets an email from the writer of the Taiga game saying he wants to meet with Bunta. So the next day Bunta meets up with Ohgi, the writer, and they get to talking and they get along. He’s a nice guy and friendly, and pretty hot. After the meeting, Bunta finds Kuroda stalking the outside of the coffeeshop and learns that Ohgi wanted to do a meetup with the team, and Kuroda agrees.

It’s then they all meet up in the coffee shop again, Ohgi and the purple-haired bitch who’s name I don’t remember. She’s the CEO and she also worked on the art of the Taiga game, and the thing with her is that she keeps trying to snag everyone from the team, and also praising herself. She’s the type of bitch who’s like “Ahhh I have to do all the work because everyone sucks but that’s okay because I’m awesome!” and when talking to Yuuki about her art, she was saying hers was better because it was a more mature style or something idk this bitch didn’t stop talking. Then she kept saying she wanted Bunta to join Typhoon, then Andou, then Yuuki, then everyone. But then she’s like nah I don’t need another manager and we can just hire pro voice actors, so Kuroda and Yuuka were left out. Basically, the team kept saying hell no to her but she ignored them. It’s then Bunta did the most pettiest thing you see on reality shows and threw his water at her head, right before Kuroda was about to and HAHA!!!

It’s then they get to something dumb that she came up with and challenged Rokuhara to a sales competition. Whoever sells the most units on their first day of sales is the winner, and they can snag anyone from the opposing team. Kuroda doesn’t give a shit about that and only wants to beat her, so she agrees. The bitch says when she wins, she’ll take Bunta, will make him drop out of high school, and make him work for her forever. It’s then she and Ohgi leave. I liked Ohgi, but the fact that he didn’t say anything when this bitch’s mouth wouldn’t shut up makes me not like him too. >:p

[HorribleSubs] Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu - 10 [1080p].mkv0053So it’s at this time that the team is actually really pumped up. Kuroda apologizes about what happened and what she got themselves into, but they’re all A-okay with it. But now they have to work even harder to make Asamori-san to be even better than before, near perfection so they can sell as much units on the first day. So everyone is psyched and working to the bone, excited and everything. Kuroda goes out on business and the team stays behind to work hard. Everything is looking just fine untiiiiiiiiiiiil…

Drama #2: DEBT?! We finally get to meet with Kuroda’s older brother. He’s cute, seems like a sweet guy, and thanks all of them for treating his little sister kindly. He compliments them all on their work and is glad to see they’re having so much fun. He also compliments on the game’s art. Everyone’s having a nice time talking with him until…he bows and thanks them loudly for making a game for him to pay off his debt. And right then that leaves the team speechless. End of episode.

Oh wow, I did not expect that either so I was just as speechless!!! These past few episodes haven’t been the best, but I found myself really liking this episode, especially the end. Like…what debt? I thought this guy was making his own games, what happened with him? And how is the team going to react to all of this, and which one of them are going to scream in Kuroda’s face? Guessing from the preview, it looked like Bunta was back working in the ramen place so it’ll look like he’ll leave, so I have a feeling the others will too. Which is bad! But I like this drama, let’s have more of this.


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I was so damn happy when someone finally splashed that bitch because damn was she annoying and obnoxious.. meme of the day
Also I thought kuroda just didn’t wanted to end up failing as hard as her brother but really? is it really to pay of his debt or is there more?
All I know is that next episode kuroda won’t have a good time even though she was so cheerful and thinking of everyone.
Oh and while we are at it.. save Ohgi from that crazy CEO >_>

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