Show By Rock!! Short!! Episodes 11+12 (Final Impression)

Time for Season 2!

I don’t think I should bother much talking about each episode, since there isn’t much to say about either of them. Episode 11 was about an American egg teaching Criticrista about all those disgustingly cutesy poses, but Rosia ended up being the teacher since she’s basically an expert in all of that. The last episode was a TV show the bands got together to do where Rom transfers to a delinquent school, and he and Shuzo were about to fight, but that’s where it ends. In the end Plasmagica thanks everyone for the support and tells everyone to watch season 2, with is just going to start in a couple weeks. Exciting!

Final Impression

horriblesubs-show-by-rock-short-12-1080p-mkv0015What can I say, really? These series of shorts were just there to tide us over until the second season would start. These shorts showed the bands in sometimes their own leisurely time, we would see them on TV shows, commercials, and we would also learn their origins. These shorts were just little pieces of fun for us, to have us see our favorite characters again, but this time being goofy the entire time. It was short, fun, and just plain nice to watch. It was something to pass the time, since the episodes were only 3 minutes. I can’t really expect too much from a short series, like I said, they were for fun, but I wish they could have been a weensy bit longer. And more Plasmagica. These girls literally only had one episode, and that little bit in the end. So that was a little disappointing.

Animation? Same as first season. The only new piece of music we got was Plasmagica’s new single “Do-re-mi-fa PARTY!”, which was used as the ending theme. It’s a really cute song, and I heard a slightly longer version when I played the song in the game. It’s just plain cute, which is what I expect from this band, so I really liked it.

Literally, the only people that would watch this are Show By Rock fans, no one else. This is for the fans. So if you enjoyed the first season, marathon this little bit quick before the second season starts. You could probably finish all the episodes in…a little over half an hour. So you could pick any free day you got to sit down and watch.

Did this show do anything entirely new? No. But, we did get to learn a little bit more about some characters, and it was fun to see them do other stuff that didn’t have to do with Battle of the Bands or anything, like appearing on TV and commercials. But this show didn’t take it to another level, as they were only 3 minutes. So…yeah. It was fun to pass the time, I love this series, so I had fun watching this. 7/10. Would I recommend this? If you’re a Show By Rock fan, then yes. Now, we wait for the second season, which I’m pumped for! ^o^

Also, this has nothing to do with the anime, but I had to delete the game off of my phone because I had no space left for other things. I’m sad, my Chokiyurui UR is gone. :'( I hope we see some bands from the game in the second season. Bands I would love to see are:

  • Dolly Dolci
  • Chammy Chaplets
  • Alice Beans
  • Rapezziauto
  • Spectrenotes
  • Bud Virgin Logic
  • Arcareafact


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