Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode 2

I just want to take a moment to fully appreciate the pacing of this episode. They provided a bit of backstory in regards to Izetta and her relationship with Finé, and the struggles she faces as a Witch. In fact, some may find this episode to be boring, but I loved every second of it. They picked up right where they left off so well, that the previous episode remained vivid in my mind as if I had just watched it.

shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-2-img-0020It appears the great legend of the White Witch was not one many considered as a blessing. We have received many implications such as from the King himself that they have brought to harm or killed many witches, therefore they would not receive help from the White Witch. This directly correlates to the reason why Izetta’s grandmother had warned her not to use her powers recklessly, as the era they live in, their powers are too much and will be responsible for attracting unwanted attention. We also learned Izetta is likely to be the last of their kind, and this is why she and her grandmother were nomadic, constantly on the move in order to protect themselves. With Witches being stigmatized, Izetta could never love herself. She felt burdened, lonely and could never be her true self. But that all changed when she met Finé, who not only did not fear her, but immediately accepted her as for who she is. Finé had also put her life on the line to protect Izetta, and was gravely injured in the process. She now bears the scar of her bravery.

shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-2-img-0031So when Finé orders Izetta to runaway, Izetta doesn’t want to. She wants to protect Finé and takes the words of a soldier and asks Finé if she would be allowed to let her be her hope. And not only that, Izetta has seen firsthand what the Germania forces have done, witnessing the massacre of villages and being captured by Germania forces and then nearly being shot down by the aerial forces (something I hope we will find out more how she got into that situation in the first place sooner than later), so she knows of the dangers which Finé and her country is about to face and pledges to protect Elystadt.

However the one thing to keep an eye on is the fact Izetta’s power seems to be limited. I couldn’t tell whether or not the capsule she was in had drained her power, or she was in some sort of hibernation mode for a long period of time, or she can only use so much at a time. Despite being in the age of science Izetta’s powers will prove to be invaluable, especially against the Germania forces.

shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-2-img-0007Finé continues to amaze me with her courage, and she without a doubt is already making herself to be an incredible leader. When Izetta killed two Germania pilots (the third death doesn’t count because the pilot crashed into the mountain due to being distracted), Finé took it upon herself to make sure Izetta would not bear the burden of getting blood on her hands alone. Furthermore, she knows it is a taboo for Izetta to use her power out in the open, even more so in a war such as this one and that is why she is actively trying to put Izetta’s safety and needs above her own.

It is also worth pointing out an interesting fact how Berckmann wasn’t certain whether or not Izetta was a witch, but may have captured her under the suspicion she was one. This also makes me wonder if by any chance, they may be attempting to capture others who could potentially be witches who managed to stay out of the radar. But then again, that would defeat the purpose of the title with Izetta being the last witch, right? Who knows what twists they may bring!

One last tidbit I would like to mention is the fact they actually addressed a micro detail of the long riffle. When Finé fired it, we heard Izetta yelp how hot it was! So props to the writers for the micro details!

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  1. Comparing Eylstadt’s map location to a real world map, its location consists of western Austria and possibly Liechtenstein. Eastern Austria’s under the Germanians.

  2. I absolutely agree, this episode was so much better in giving more exposition dump / back story. I also had the same problem with the first episode pacing. It didn’t tell, it showed. But for all the worth of showing, it didn’t tell. If you know what I mean. I’m still out on Fine, but can not deny that she knows how to lead.

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