Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 8: Sex Pistols Appears, Part 2

I hope they appreciate the truck driver because I felt so bad for him, even though I kept laughing at how they all yelled at him. The icing on the cake was at the very end though when Giorno got in and threatened him to drive him up the mountain, even though Mista was already back. As hilarious as that scene was, it also reminded me of Dio back in Stardust when he yelled at the senator to drive him around and threatened him too. Giorno wasn’t as vicious as Dio, but there is a bit of parallel there. Anyway, this truck driver was lucky. Regular people in the Jojo universe usually end up dead or really beaten up, but this was one of the very few times he made it out okay.

He probably won’t be a truck driver anymore, though.

Mista’s backstory always confused me. While Mista got into some trouble, he lived a pretty pleasant life. He liked simple things and lived simply and like wine and cheese, but then one night he comes across a man beating up a woman in his car. Acting before thinking, he rushes in to save her by punching the guy. Not knowing there were two other guys in the car, Mista gets caught in a crossfire. What I don’t get is that all the bullets missed him. Either it was the worse aiming in history that none of the bullets hit Mista, or Mista’s stand latently protected him? Which doesn’t make sense because Mista got Sex Pistols from Polpo, from the arrow. So…all I can say about that is, this is Jojo. So I have to accept it. The anime didn’t mention that Mista was arrested and sentenced to about thirty years in prison as he was charged for murder, though he pleaded self-defense. Of course, it was Bruno that got him out and let him join his gang. It’s weird they didn’t mention that part, but maybe they will later?

This is another fight that I vaguely remember, mostly forgot. Then again, I forgot most of Part 5. The thing is, I wasn’t all too into Part 5 when I was reading it so I basically sped through it and didn’t really take things in. Also, I was having trouble understanding some of the fights. Some of it has to do with the bad translations I was reading, and also because I just couldn’t tell what was happening from the drawings. The reason I was so excited for the anime was because I would get to see the fights in action so I’d understand them better. In the manga, sometimes it can be hard to tell what the hell is happening, and this problem got even worse for me in Part 6. So the fight with Sale was a bit of a new experience for me, even though I sort of remembered the fight. The fight itself got very cool when Sale used Kraftwerk. A stand that stops things in motion doesn’t seem very cool, but it can be very handy in stopping a bullet from penetrating your brain and killing you. Sale also made his stand look very cool as he rock climbed in the air towards the road. Very cool.

And as usual in Jojo fashion, the mind games between Mista and Sale were a treat to watch. The mind games and shit talk is what led to Sale’s demise as he got himself distracted and let Sex Pistols grab the bullet he was going to kill Mista with. It was very smart of the bullets to split the bullet in half and aim it at the bullet in his head he had stopped from killing himself. Again, I forgot that happened so it was pretty exciting to watch!

Sex Pistols are hilarious and weirdly adorable. I don’t understand how Araki was able to make so many stands, and to make them all so creative and strange. It’s hard but he can create some gold (pun intended). It’s so fun that each bullet have their own personality, but I wish Number 5 wouldn’t be so mean to Number 3. 🙁

Now that both gangsters have been defeated, Passione can safely set out to look for Polpo’s fortune on the lovely island of Capri. And…wait for Giorno to come back.

Jojo Fun Facts:

  • Sale is “salt” in Italian. This dude is salty.
  • Kraftwerk is a German band from 1970 that specialized in electronic music, the first of their kind. But damn copyrights made Sale’s stand Arts and Craft, which just sounds like a band for preschoolers on Nick Jr.

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