MM! Episode 3:So funny, so sad, so amazing!

...It's pretty sad that I know someone in real life who actually thinks like that.

In this episode, the show starts again from last episode, where a new character appears. Her name is Mamiya Yumi, she’s Arashiko’s best friend and a creepy pervert who’s an expert at massaging people (and giving them orgasms… derp 0-0). As we meet her, she tells Tarou that Arashiko is going to transfer to an all girls school with her. As Mio is trying to tell him that he should probably care about this transfer, we see a flash-back of the scene where Arashiko tells Tarou how she became androphobic, and we learn some extra info concerning this topic. The next day Yumi comes to the Volunteering Club in order to meet everyone, and a very funny scene occurs where everyone’s weakness is pointed out.
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I have to stop here for a second in my summary. This first part of the episode was absolutely hilarious! I really like Yumi’s personality, we always need a perverted person in a group like this. We also get the feeling more and more that Arashiko and Tarou are getting closer, which is great :3.
Now, continuing in the episode, it becomes very dramatic. As Arashiko is going back home at night, she runs into the guy who raped her in middle school, Yoshioka,  and then the scene cuts to the next day, where she is absent from school and no one can contact her. As Tatsukichi has seen her the day before, talking to the guy, Kouhei catches on to this and goes to Arashiko’s place, where he finds her completely engulfed in her covers, traumatized.
Yoshioka had been apparently calling her over and over again, and she got so scared her androphobia became much worse. Kouhei sees how she reacts to this, and becomes really mad, therefore he goes to where Yoshioka is and decides to make him pay back what he’s done by fighting with him (Yay, GOOOOO Tarou!!), Unfortunately for him though, Yoshioka is in the boxing club, so Tarou gets beaten up badly (Aww, Fail.) However, Tarou decides not to give up, and with a little bit of help from Mio (If you call throwing a baseball bat on his leg a little bit of help XD), manages to knock out Yoshioka (oh, so you need 40 punches to get beaten down, and he only needs one? Sure… Whatever, Yoshioka’s a complete retard so I don’t mind).
YES!! You're doing the right thing, let's go! :3

Tarou then goes back to Arashiko’s place and tells her the good news. Back to school, Arashiko apologizes to everyone for making them worry, and we learn that she will, in fact, not transfer and stay in an all-boys school. The show ends with Arashiko and Tarou becoming more and more familiar with each other, laughing and talking and getting closer (Aww…). We also find out that Yumi is now transferring into their school to my greatest amusement and to Mio’s demise.
I am amazed. This episode was absolutely stunning.
First off, I loved the humour in the first part of the episode. It was really funny, carefree and Yumi’s perversion/Mio’s sadistic nature towards Tarou/Arashiko’s androphobia made me laugh my head off. The only regret I have is that we didn’t see Tatsukichi’s cross-dressed arrogant personality, I would’ve liked to see that again :P.
Then, the second part of the episode was AMAZING. I didn’t expect this show to get this dramatic, that was an intense plot twist! It was amazingly well done, I seriously got into the ambience of the show and freaked out when I saw Arashiko’s traumatized face. It was really sad, and added a lot of intensity, plot and emotion into a show which I thought was focused on humour and nothing else.
So basically, this episode was amazing. I don’t have much to say other than that. The second episode lowered down my interest a little bit, however this one completely got me addicted. As the plot for this show is going really fast, I’m assuming it will be a relatively short show, at least I hope so or else it might get filled in with a bunch of stupid episodes.

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