No Summary This Episode!


So we got another date this week. This time with Mio and in favor of trying to help her out. Good god, their date was so awkward and corny. I found it really stupid.
Honestly I felt there was nothing to benefit out of this episode at all – especially for Mio’s sake. I mean seriously, dates then weddings and then drama corniness of “OMG SHE’S ACTUALLY HAS A FEVER”, I ended up just scoffing the entire time. So this episode was a disappointment for me. I do still see there’s a good potential, but I got to say anymore non-sense that may step over the line won’t have me blogging this much longer. In fact to be honest, I found it very difficult to write up this due to not enjoying it as much as I had for the previous episodes.
Anyhow, as the for positive parts, we learn that Tauro isn’t one of those typical guys who takes kissing someone lightly. He feels that it has to be with someone that shares the same mutual feelings for each other. So when Mio kissed him while he wasn’t expecting it and passed on her cold to him, he got seriously pissed off told her straight out not to take the concept of love so lightly. I felt that he was also frustrated that he had to be dragged into situations like this without having to chance to say something whether it’s protesting or suggesting an alternative method.
Good god, since the 5th episode is already out (and I have watched it) because this totally late – I have to wonder, how the hell will Myst respond to it?! O_o;


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