As the war goes on, Admiral Sengoku uses more and more his strategies in order to win this fight against Whitebeard and execute Ace as planned. Slaughter, traps, traitors, his strategies are getting more vicious and cruel as time goes on, enough so that he has to cut the video lines and leave the rest of the world into ignorance.As the Pacifista appear, they are given the order to destroy all pirates, and they start slaughtering everything in sight, even their own team. All pirates start to run away from them and hurry to Ace’s execution, where the fights go on and raging battles between strong pirates and marines occur everywhere. Marco the Phoenix against many marine commanders, “Flower Sword” against Mihawk, Hancock against Smoker, these fights are all occuring while Luffy is desperately trying to reach Ace. Admiral Sengoku, standing beside Ace, sends an order to cut communications with the rest of the world and to stop all Den Den Mushis from responding, in order for the marines to put up “encircling walls”. Their idea is stopped, however, because Buggy has stolen a Den Den Mushi and has decided to broadcast to the world how great he is. Admiral Sengoku’s anger then brings the marines to try and find the Den Den Mushi and definitely stop all communications to the rest of the world.
Meanwhile, Luffy is slowly getting closer and closer to Ace. He is, however, getting weaker and weaker as he moves on, fighting his way through countless waves of marine soldiers. As he runs, Admiral Kizaru decides that he himself should join in the rampage and appears in front of Luffy. He delivers his Light Kick on Luffy, who is getting more beat up as time goes on. Luffy’s flight, that brings him farther away from Ace, is stopped by Jimbei, and both look in dread at the opponent standing in front of them. The rest of the commanders then appear, and a new hope brings them to march forward again and again, until they can reach Ace.
The war continues in the bay as well, where Whitebeard meets one of his commanders, Squard. As Squard starts telling him how they all followed Whitebeard because he considers everyone to be his sons and not necessarily because they want to, Squard then surprisingly stabs Whitebeard, and thus is how the episode ends.
Impression: The first part of this episode unfortunately gave me a feeling that it was gonna be all about the Pacifista destroying everything, however as I watched the second part of it my opinion changed. Many things happen during this war, and getting them all in these episodes can take a while. Even in the manga this war goes on forever, and I can testify that the producers barely added anything more to the original story. It is, however, very exciting, and only getting better. I find it interesting, however, that they mentioned the encircling walls right away. It would definitely have been better to surprise us later on with this plan. Luffy’s run is still so incredibly interesting as he meets tougher and tougher characters, and allies himself with great pirates as well. We also see his strength slowly declining, and it makes us wonder if he will have enough strength to get to Ace (But then again, it’s Luffy so of course he will). Although Buggy’s scene was quite stupid and I still hate his guts, it wasn’t as bad as usual. I found all of this actually pretty funny, especially Admiral Sengoku’s reaction (I guess I have to admit Buggy can actually be useful at times –-‘).
Once again, amazing cliffhanger. Seriously, every single episode leaves us hanging and I love it. This time, Whitebeard has been betrayed by one of his own and has just been stabbed!
I don’t have anything more to say about this episode, really. It’s a continuation of the war, still very good, cliffhangers are still amazing, and the minor fights that were seen in this were really good. This episode had a much more serious tone that the others, and there was a lot less humour (Except for Buggy however I don’t include him in that category –
On a side note, I absolutely love the opening song. It’s been playing for a while, and the first time I heard it really surprised me because it’s the first sad opening of One Piece. It really reflects on what’s happening and what’s going to happen through Luffy’s mind, and I love it.