A day passed since Wako has been kidnapped and rescued by Takuto. Sugata brings him to the drama club where they discuss about his powers to control a cybody and wondering why would they want to have Wako in their possession. The president of the Night Flight drama club, Sarina Endoh explains to him that only cybodies that move in that “strange place” and when a cybody starts, time stops for the rest of the world. She adds how if they were to get them to move in their world, everything would change in an instant, and there’s people on the island who wants to have control of that.
Cut to the Glittering Crux Brigade, where five people and the sixth seat empty around a circle (much like King Arthur’s Round Table), introducing  the major people in charge of this organization missions. Banishing Age leader, Head; Bougainvilleae leader, Ivrogne; Adult Banker leader, the President; Filament leader Scarlet Kiss, Science Guild leader, Professor Green. They discuss how Galactic Pretty Boy is an issue. Later Scarlet Kiss goes in to seduce Takuto only fails and ends up kissing another guy causing him to be charmed by her and go out to fight. He and Takuto engage battle and of course – Takuto wins.
Okay I confess, I was way too bias about the whole “magical boy transformation” and kind of let that ruin my reason why I wouldn’t want to watch this. This time, I completely ignored it, and focused on the amazing animation and any hint regarding the plot for the future.
My god, if I weren’t to watch this, I would definitely be missing out a lot.
Now about this episode: WOW. JUST WOW. Once more I am so stunned by the dazzling animation and its top notch quality and now I’m getting very curious about how things are going to play out in the future. The interesting part is that here we got Takuto aka Galactic Pretty Boy who is kicking ass right off the bat – so? When will he have his first loss? I’m assuming it might happen in about maybe… I’d give it three to seven episodes – honestly I don’t know how many episodes BONES planned to make this (I really should check that out). There is a lot of potential plot in this whole cybodies somehow merging into reality without being in another dimension. Another thing I wanted to point out who the heck his this guy?
Seriously. And who is this girl in the cage who sings right on cue when they are getting ready to battle? So many questions already and this is only episode 2! Damn I am fired up!


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