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Andoh continues to stress about his shop in risk of closing down. He spends endless amount of time in the kitchen trying to create a new recipe without asking or accepting help from others. Eventually Andoh ends up passing out in the middle of work and if it weren’t for Amano being inher own shop at the time for Caramel to go to, no one would have probably found Anoh till morning. Andoh wakes up at his home where his volunteered employees and Amano are there. Kashino and Lemon came barging in shortly after another as well as Johnny and his grandfather . Johnny told Andoh that he has no knowledge in how to run a shop and did not know of the importance of chance of loss and disposal. Andoh’s grandfather tells him to not overdo it and then scolded him as soon as he started protesting that he had to fix it on his own and told him that the shop might as well close down.

The next day Kana goes in to visit Amano where she wonders how she can help Andoh create new products. Eventually Amano gets an idea from Kana’s story about her grandmother’s dancing apples and how it can only be made locally. She thinks back about her trip during the competition in Paris and comes up with an idea that they should create local desserts in Andoh’s shop. In the mean time Caramel tries to persuade him into letting others help him, he yells at her in return causing the poor girl to cry. Some days later (there’s no way it’s possible for them to receive a pack just like that), Amano, Kana and Lemon comes in with local products from different regions in Japan. Shortly behind them comes in Miki and Sayuri who each brought their own local ingredients from their family. The three of them tell Andoh that he should let them help him make sweets other than just handle the customers. They haven’t studied for nothing for the past two years he was gone. Still however Andoh protests, only until Hanabusa makes a sparkly appearance and came down from London thanks to Kashino calling him down. And so they all start to make the new local ingredients, now changing the entire shop’s design, layout and uniforms.

Just before they open, Johnny drops off some ingredients for Amano declaring he’s only sharing some with her. With the newly refreshed shop opened, they are no longer on the warning list. They are safe!
With that task done, Amano and her team get together where she tells them that they should just sell their products all at the same time however the competition tacticwill remain the same.

Some of you may know due to reading the Hakuouki post but I’ll say it again just for those who don’t know. The reason why I am behind schedule was that a dear companion of mine had to pass on due to a tumor that was about to burst. I have been grieving since Friday and wasn’t able to write at all this weekend, including my poorly written midterm that I had to hand in yesterday. I am slowly catching up, so please hang on just a bit longer.
Andoh – gosh. He was incredibly self-centered and obnoxious this episode due to stressing out about his shop. He failed to realize that the girls who volunteered to help him out were willing to cook and brain storm with him to suggest ideas, he made Caramel cry, he acted very selfish. Of course in the end he finally learned his lesson.Seriously if it weren’t for Amano getting that local ingredients idea from their travels in Europe, he would have been screwed for sure.Oh yeah I also wanted to mention – rewinding to the first episode, didn’t Andoh sayhe was going to pursue his studies elsewhere? Since when was he still attending the school?! I must be missing out something here.
Overall I found this episode went by really quickly. It was not exactly enjoyable to watch either. It was dull and predictable in a way and I found just throwing in Hanabusa right out of blue saying he came from London. I really don’t like his looks – or rather just his outfit. UGH.
There was a minor step forward for Johnny’s and Amano’s relationship, but really not much.

*HEADESKS* GOD DAMN IT, IT’S A FILLER EPISODE OF EVERYONE GOING TO THE SWEETS KINGDOM! *HEADESKS* I really don’t like those. So expect me to be pretty sarcastic unless there’s actually plot development moving forward one way or another.


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  1. Myst

    “I found just throwing in Hanabusa right out of blue saying he came from London. I really don’t like his looks – or rather just his outfit.”
    o: I actually like Hanabusa much more now than in the first season. The fact that we don’t see him often probably helps, however I liked it when he came along XD.
    And OMG, don’t you just find Caramel is the CUTEST THING EVER POSSIBLE? It was so sad when she started crying 🙁

    1. Eva

      You cannot hate Caramel. <3
      XD; //The fact that we don’t see him often probably helps//
      What you say is true my friend! *DUCKS*

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