After the whole humour and merriness of the last 4 episodes, I was incredibly surprised as to how dramatic this week’s episode was. As great as it was, I sometimes found it too dramatic.
But Anyways, the only point I want to make right now is that Ayase is a complete bitch and I f***ing hate her -.-.

"I can no longer be your friend." Wait, weren't you guys best friends 30 seconds ago?

Basically, what happens this week continues from last week’s cliffhanger, when Ayase sees Kirino with her new geeky friends, and Kirino freaks. This week, as Ayase asks more questions about why Kirino is where she is and blablabla, the WHOLE show takes a completely different path and becomes very dramatic, because Ayase doesn’t like lies and has figured out that Kirino is lying. When she finally finds out Kirino’s secret, she acts even more like a bitch and suddenly says “I can’t be your best friend if you like that kind of stuff”. The rest of the episode basically leaves Kirino depressed while Kyousuke tries his best to cheer her up/make Ayase understand that Kirino’s hobby isn’t as bad as the news on TV say it is. In the end, however, as Kyousuke meets up with Ayase to try and solve the problem, Kirino comes in and gives a huge, long, epic speech to Ayase about her hobby and why she likes it, and as it is failing Kyousuke comes in and tells Ayase that these games are what made him and Kirino love each other in the end.The whole blame is then put on him, and the problem is solved for Kirino, anyways.This episode might have had many flaws, but it also had lots of epic wins. First of all, I liked the way they ended the drama. I enjoy drama once in a while, and making an episode like this was a fairly good idea. The actual concept of the episode was great. What I didn’t like about it, though, was Ayase’s personality, which was waaaaaaaaay too dramatic. She’s best friends with Kirino, and then suddenly: be careful, she hates LIES. The thunder roaring in the back and the rain make it so dramatic for such a small thing. Then, when she actually finds out what Kirino’s hobby is, she suddenly becomes the biggest bitch ever and suddenly decides that Kirino’s not good enough of a friend for her. I mean, if she had been friends with Kirino for a short period of time, or if she was any other friend, I might have understood. But my best friend would never have acted like that towards me, and Ayase acted in an extremely bitchy way for someone considered a best friend. I hate her now. That’s it, she seriously pisses me off.
Another thing I didn’t enjoy particularly was the beginning of the scene where Kyousuke tries to cheer up Kirino. He suddenly acts as though he knows EVERYTHING about her personality and stuff, um, wth? That kind of threw me off a little, but then afterwards some cuteness happened (unfortunately between siblings -_-‘) so it was all good.
On a side note, I know I mentioned this last week, but this week’s episode just emphasized my point many more times: Kyousuke now has the title of “Kirino’s bitch. She asks, he does, and even brings himself down in the process. As funny as it is, it kinda pisses me off a little bit, especially if they involve love in there, because I mean come on, Kirino is a complete bitch towards him and he just follows her around like a dog. Fend for yourself, dammit! Because of her, he now looks like an otaku addicted to little sister porn games (from his dad’s point of view) and a pervert who’s in love with his sister (from Ayase’s point of view). If he still likes her after this, my enthusiasm for this show might just go down a little. I mean, this is getting way too pathetic for me -_-‘.
…I have to admit, though, that it is funny.