Bleach 299: Come see it in Sinnerma !


Shinigami dissapear all over Karakura town. Rukia is sent to investigate on the matter. The source of those disturbance turns out to be a familiar individual returned from where he shouldn’t have been able to escape. This episode is an introductianary episode for the upcoming bleach movie.


The shows begins and we have a good idea that this is still not the continuation of the Aizen vs Kurosaki combat sad face. We see some shinigami getting eaten up by something and then next scene comes in and Rukia appears.

This episode feels really cheesy at the beginning, you have Kisuke and his gang going for a random vacation and leaving Rukia alone, they feel like taking a vacation when things are grim in town to be the best time possible. But the story quickly changes to a more dramatic atmosphere when a ugly dude who loves throwing exploding toads appears and real combat begins. When I say real combat, I mean people are actually getting hurt, it’s not a 4kid fight where people get bruised up, it’s a fight fight.

Now it must of been ages since I saw the first 100 episodes of bleach, so it came to no surprise that I never realized we already saw this toad-thrower before, it was one of the though regular hollow Ichigo and Rukia had to face in their quest to power, or just their day to day life depends how you want to see it.  Also, another important note is that the old Karakura town shinigami protector makes an appearance in this episode showing us some of his ultimate techniques. It is indeed impressive, he rises the earth from the ground and emprison his target inside a shell of hard rocks and earth. He then proceed to run away because the guy is a wuss and cowardice is easier to use than bravery. Also why would he defeat a hollow anyway? it’s not like it’s his job or anything…wait.

Good morning, Tsuchinamazu! Now let's run before he escapes

But then when all seem hopeless the great Renji appears from nowhere to help rukia and save the day. or atleast that would be what would have happened if the monster didn’t went “No U” and dissapeared back  into OBLIVION!!!!! Rukia and Renji were like “WTF mates?” and we learned later on by the old man that shoot fireball that now hollows were able to escape from hell ! ta-dam those sinners where now able to make lots of trouble and destroy soulreaper like if they were pushovers ! (in fact it seems most of them are).

This is all but a good introduction to the upcoming Bleach movie, where we will see all our favorite espada and many more (I love when characters never truely dies /sarcasm)

Things I liked about this episode

  • This was a good introduction episode, better that what I expected

  • To see Karakura town’s shinigami protector again was fun, and observing his abilities too


If you liked that episode, go watch the movie, if you didn’t liked it, well watch it anyway, this will give you the right to bitch about the movie and tell everyone how much it sucked.

’till next time


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