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Aizen has begin his transformation, but Kisuke arrives just at the right instant to stop him. Kisuke worked out a plan to stop Aizen since he was banned from soul society hundred years ago. Now it is time for Kisuke to show all his tricks in order to defeat Aizen.


So let’s recap a bit because it’s been 2 episodes since we last saw of that fight.

We have two fights happening at once, Ichigo vs Gin on one-side and Isshin vs Aizen in the other. Isshin was able to bring Aizen to his fighting limit, but in the end it didn’t matter because Aizen started to transform (a.k.a sperm was coming out of his chest). But at the end of that last episode, we saw Kisuke red lazor of doom cut a sharp round hole in Aizen shoulder.

So now that we are up-to-date, This episode start off with and we have Kisuke firin’ his lazor at Aizen. But Aizen didn’t give a shit and sperm entered his wound to heal it. After showing off his healing ability Aizen went faster than the speed of light and killed Kisuke before he could react…or not. Actually Kisuke used the same trick he used a long time ago, he created a portable gigai that looks like him and Aizen simply took the bait. Using this distraction Kisuke backstabbed Aizen with his sword, cutting Aizen’s head, he won and Aizen was now dead, everyone lived happilly ever after. Oh wait, nevermind, Kisuke didn’t backstabbed Aizen he casted a rooting spell on him instead, that’s a much better idea why didn’t I though of that. So, anyway, now you have Aizen locked in place, and just to make sure Kisuke cast a series of more and more powerfull rooting spell to make sure Aizen can’t get free, and finally he casts his uber 91th Kido of doom and destruction and death. Firework follows up quickly after, with 45 seconds of intense white light to represent that this really is a big explosion. Kisuke turns his back to the light like a badass and talk shit on Aizen, just in time for Aizen to come out of the explosion and bitch slap Kisuke. We are all incredibly surprised that Aizen didn’t die after this attack (5 minutes in the episode) and that he was able to defeat Kisuke so easily. But  turns out that no, Kisuke was not really surprised attacked (again) instead it was his plan all along, to let Aizen “touch him” twice that he could get in range and lock Aizen spiritial pressure in his wrist. Now Aizen was too powerfull for his spiritual pressure and he was bound to implode, that’s kind of neat.

Firework yai !

Kisuke, never looking at any explosions because he’s a badass, walk down to the Kurosaki and say something like “This will not kill him, it would be too easy, but I sure love fireworks” and just like he said Aizen was still unscarred and full of energy after this sublime performance of pyrotechnic. Then Kisuke and Isshin did some bondage fun with the use of chains on Aizen, In fact this seemed so fun that Yoruichi couldn’t stay out of the fun and thus she appeared out of nowhere to take a shot at Aizen chained up body. Yoruichi, overexcited by the event, pound Aizen so hard that he is left laying face down on the ground, but our dear Aizen is not exhausted, oh no, he is still full of energy and looking for more. Kisuke, Isshin and Yoruichi were decided to go to all extent to defeat Aizen, therefore they started attacking all three together in a series of complicated attack scheme, From that day on,They were forever known as the Trinity Force! (Triforce for short). Now while they were having fun with their 4-way, Ichigo was busy being threatened to be “attacked” from behind by Gin. Ichigo having a slight dislike for “from behind” stuff, quickly go back to battle stance and start a emo rant about how Aizen will kill everyone even Gin. Gin seemed really upset, actually no. Gin didn’t gave a shit and started using his erectile sword to quickly make it grow millions of time and create a machine gun out of his sword. Then Aizen proceeded to massacre the Triforce and we were all sad that he has become all powerfull.

Things I liked about this episode

Always fun to see Yoruichi, she’s a hotty

– Kisuke gave quite a show with all of his abilities

– Gin was a smartass, I love Gin


This was indeed quite the interesting episode, I love to discover cool new power and I love Kido’s. Also Aizen is a badass and he is now in this new awesome white suit, he looks like a member of the KKK.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review, to the next time