Kuranosuke and Tsukimi work at the flea-market attempting to sell old stuff their found in the storage room. Instead, people were more interested in Tsukimi’s Clara doll, so they immediately changed the sale plan and sold them all for 500 yen. In the mean time Shuu’s father asks Hanamori what is wrong with Shuu since he isn’t acting as his usual stuff. Hanamori babbles how he is Shuu’s childhood friend and will not invade his private matters only to quickly accept the mission by Keiichirou negotiating that Hanamori will get another BENZ in exchange. So he calls a friend who is a private investigator to tail Shuu and get some evidence of who this woman is.

After the success of the flea-market, Kuranosuke tells the ladies to not touch the money and to make sure they save up, and in the mean time go and work. Noticing that Tsukimi wasn’t in the room with them, he heads upstairs to find Tsukimi pretending she was wearing a jellyfish wedding gown that her mother promised to make her. Suddenly his heart can’t stop pounding and his chest feels tight. He goes back to the ladies downstairs and has tea and bean jelly, so caught up with his dilema he falls onto the floor where the girls wonder whether he was choking or not. Mayaya removes his shirt and reveals his false breasts. Instead of realizing he is a male, they jump to a conclusion that he is a flat chested girl and laugh about it. Then when heading out he finds the material that flew out the window when he had startled Tsukimi and goes back to return it to her. Tsukimi extremely flustered ends up confessing that her mother promised to make her a jellyfish wedding dress. Inspired, Kuranosuke declares that they will make one together and create several dresses, thus become famous and become rich enough to buy off the place.

By far, this is the best episode yet. I couldn’t wipe my grin off my face, and I couldn’t stop laughing once again to the point my parents would tell me to shut up. The jellyfish dolls were absolutely ADORABLE!!! <3 <3 <3 I WANT ONE!!!!
The development, FINALLY, I am so happy they decided to make a bunch of dresses and host a fashion show to sell them. I found Tsukimi looking absolutely gorgeous despite it was rags and covers she worn. The way she put it togeter was beautiful, so I cannot wait for an actual design of her dream Jellyfish dress which Kuranosuke will grant. At this point remember how she said in the first episode that she thought Kuranosuke as a evil witch? Now it has turned into Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother who will make a wonderful dress – only this case, will last! (O_O; … maybe that wasn’t the best fairy tale comparison…)

Hanamori, holy crap I have to wonder whether he does it on purpose declining the offers until he is offered a BENZ. It’s even more funny how he screwed up by calling Shuu when he meant to call Shii. Speaking of the investigator, I couldn’t stop laughing how he was just standing there takes shots and so on, moreover evidence about the woman blackmailing Shuu. Seriously speaking, I am so amused with how both Shouko and Shuu were oblivious of this man right on their tails.

What was even more hilarious to the point that I literally fell off my chair (this happens a little bit too often) was when Mayaya removed Kuranosuke’s shirt and quickly assumed he was one of those “flat chested” women. That was an absolute genius twist. LOVED IT!
PREVIEW! It’s time for Tsukimi to go all out with her artistic ideas!


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  1. Myst

    “By far, this is the best episode yet.”
    We’re finally seeing some progress in plot AND character development, much more than in the other episodes. I love how they finally went back to Tsukimi’s childhood memory. We finally learned about some talents this group has, because before they really looked like useless idiots. Hopefully we’ll learn about the rest of the group’s inner talents soon, and then they can use it to help out with the cause!
    This episode was hilarious, too. The best part was the Benz incident, HAHAHA!! So much for being childhood friends with Shuu XD. This show has a lot of humour concerning money and paying people for their services I found… XD (As shown in the meat incident at the beginning too)

    1. Eva

      BD So if we ever need something some Hanamori we just have to threaten him involving his BENZ

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