Kuragehime Episode 7: Now is the time to Act

Kuranosuke decides to take on drastic actions against the “Landshark” ONOMNOMNONOM by declaring they will purchase the building in order to prevent it from being sold off and demolished.
HAHAHAHA! This episode was just awesome. Kuranosuke’s timing when he came in couldn’t have been better! I loved how he gave so much shit to Shouko and encouraged Mayaya to throw salt on her. We also got just a little bit more backstory about Koibuchi’s family scandalous affairs. Truthfully I am just waiting for Kuranosuke to design some clothes and host a fashion show in order to raise money other than just the flee market strategy alone. I think Tsukimi’s jellyfish art will play a large role as well. Once more I feel so bad for Shuu since he is being toyed and framed with Shouko’s underhand tactics.

I think that was pretty selfish of Kuranosuke to go as far as attempting to get rid of all of Chieko’s dolls with her permission. While yes she definitely has too many, as long as they are not junk they aren’t something bad to have in a collection. I have give so much credit to Banba because it’s always her to steps up to defend the others and speaking up. In fact if she didn’t get freaked out in the public so often she would have made a very good arguement at the last development meeting they fled from.
As for Kuranosuke and Tsukimi’s development, it couldn’t be anymore straight forward about Kuranosuke’s attraction towards Tsukimi and was so close, just a breath away from kissing her! Of course only then Mayaya came barging in and that alone made me laugh hysterically, usually under those circumstances they’d be an indirect kiss. What’s even more entertaining was the fact that Tsukimi was totally oblivious what he was trying to do.
Tsukimi on the other hand, she is head over heels with her crush on Shuu. Her heart is torn when she saw that Shoko had his glasses. I found it really special how Kuranosuke reacted. He’s truly a good guy.
Last point I wanted to make, I think that old storage room that looks pretty enchanting got Kuranosuke thinking how much he wants to move in for real.
Preview: Flee market time! The girls will become glamorous once more – well Tsukimi for certain. It’s time to kick some ass and make some money!!!


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  1. I loved this week’s episode! It was so awesome, I’m really starting to wonder who Tsukimi will end up with. I kinda have a feeling that Kuranosuke will be the one who ends up alone, but then again, Shuu only cares about Tsukimi when she’s beautiful and he’s never there so I find he doesn’t fit the profile very much… The way Kuranosuke is doing things, they’re definitely going to buy the building! As for that kiss… I wish it had happened, it would have spiced things up a bit in Tsukimi’s heart! (Especially since this is a small series -_-‘)
    There’s only one thing that really bothered me in this episode though: Did Mayaya SERIOUSLY NOT NOTICE that Kuranosuke and Tsukimi were on the verge of kissing, and that Kuranosuke was SHIRTLESS AND BOOBLESS?

    1. //Did Mayaya SERIOUSLY NOT NOTICE that Kuranosuke and Tsukimi were on the verge of kissing, and that Kuranosuke was SHIRTLESS AND BOOBLESS?//
      HOLY CRAP I ACTUALLY FORGOT ABOUT THAT! LOLZ!!!!!! Wow, they were so damn lucky. Still was hilarious.
      Without Shuu in the picture there wouldn’t be a love triangle! XD But you are so right, Shuu only likes the “beautiful, glamorous Tsukimi”, not herself. Kuranosuke, he doesn’t judge people by their looks, but their personality, which is why he is a such an awesome character.
      I’m totally shipping Kuranosuke x Tsukimi, I mean Shuu x Tsukimi is cute and all but they are lacking “NORMAL” interactions.

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