Wow, Ayase is so incredibly dramatic for such trivial things, I’m telling you.
This week she “needs Kyousuke’s help”. I swear, the way she says it in the episode sound sooooo dramatic, and then we learn that all she needs help for is to find a gift for Kirino -_-‘. So anti-climatic, gee.


Anyways, Ayase is looking for a present for Kirino, something that would be related to her “hobby” that is watching anime. Kyousuke decides to help her and he meets Saori and Kuroneko, asking them for help. They look around, and after a while they find the best present for her: A Meruru figurine that can only be won if you enter a Meruru cosplay contest. Kyousuke tells this to Ayase, and she categorically refuses to cosplay (she wouldn’t be able to win anyway, she doesn’t look like any of the characters). After some pondering, Ayase manipulates brings one of hers and Kirino’s model friend, Kurusu Kanako (also called Kanakana, which is the name I will be using), who basically looks exactly like Meruru except she has red hair and brown eyes. Kanakana enters the contest and owns everyone with her amazing cosplay and performance, while Kirino watches from the crowd (She went to the show on her own, however she doesn’t recognize her friend). In the end, Ayase gives Kirino her present and she really likes it. End of Episode 10.

Kyousuke: Manager style. "Cause I'm just cool like that".

And another badass episode appears yet again. I swear, this show is absolutely amazing. It targets all audiences, and yet it’s incest. The character development of everyone is just plain amazing, and the producers have an amazing way of differenciating personalities. There are a lot of subtle comments and actions that characters make, and it only emphasizes their personality. I mean, we only met Kanakana-chan today, and yet I feel as though I really understand her personality. I also like how when they give a personality to a character, they seriously stick with it, and every single gesture or comment demonstrates it. Take Ayase, for example. Ever since the “lies” incident, I’ve always called her a dramatic bitch, and this week, she is still the same dramatic bitch she was before, and the way they showed it was pretty subtle, they didn’t make a character say it or something. No dialogs are needed to describe a character, and I love that. Kyousuke is also an amazing character, and yet he’s so plain. I love him.
As for the plot itself, there wasn’t any big twist or anything like that and the ending was predictable, however it was a one-episode thing, and for that kind of show the concept was okay. The characters were so well done that the unoriginal plot pretty much went under the carpet, however I have to admit that it was pretty bleh for a storyline. Kyousuke still felt like a slave to me, this time towards Ayase, but that’s just what I think…

The humour was there, Ayase’s punch to Kyousuke’s face and her manipulation methods were great, same for the scene where Kyousuke tells Kirino “Why are you being so picky? Are you my girlfriend or what?” I thought that was really good also.

Finally, I must say: Why? Whyyyyyyyyy is this so interesting? WHY DO I LIKE AN INCEST SHOW?!?!?!
…That’s how incredible this show is becoming.
Next Week: “There’s no way my sister can wear a maid outfit!” Looks like Saori’s plan to dress Kuroneko and Kirino into maids will go into motion…