OMG, Kirino has a heart. Well, only in the second half of the episode. Before that she has to bring down her brother to a blob of depression by ruining his love relationship friendship with Manami.The first half of the episode, Kyousuke brings Manami over in order for her to make lunch while his mom isn’t there. Kirino sees her, becomes extremely jealous and acts like a total bitch who can’t get what she wants. In the end however, her plans completely fail and you lose, bitch Kyousuke is still in love with good friends with Manami.

Kyousuke, I think you've just taken the path to imminent death. Just sayin'.

Impression (1st half): BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This first half was absolutely hilarious and amazing! First of all, Manami came over and that detail alone requires a win. Then, the fight between Kirino and Kyousuke was absolutely priceless. Kyousuke’s way of talking is just so damn funny when him and Kirino fight. Kirino’s plans to make Manami believe he is an extreme pervert was also really funny, and I could not stop laughing during that whole first half. It was really funny, and the only thing that was bothering me a little was Kirino’s personality in itself. Just like my rant from episode 6, I can’t believe that Kyousuke will end up with his damn sister when Kirino’s a total bitch and Manami is so damn cute and PERFECT! AND SHE LIKES HIM! Grr. Meh madness does not exceed this first half’s awesomeness though. It simply can’t exceed something so hilarious.
The second part of the episode is all about a party Saori has organized for Kirino. Saori has organized it in a way that each person has to do something for Kirino, in turns. Saori makes her wear the maid outfit, Kuroneko presents a beautiful manga she wrote, and Kirino decides she will present her part later for a reason we ignore at the moment. The group talks a little bit, and as Kirino yells at Kyousuke like she always does Kyousuke finally decides to fight back and tells her that he is depressed because of her and she is ruining his relationship with Manami. He asks her what’s wrong with her, and Kirino decides she will finally present her part for the party. She gives Kyousuke a present and apologizes.
It turns out the whole party was planned for Kyousuke to be cheered up and for Kirino to apologize.
…No matter what, I can’t get over it. The episode’s gonna end as a dream Kyousuke had or something. It simply can’t be true.
……HOLY SHIT IT GETS WORSE (I’m watching the episode at the same time as I’m reviewing, and therefore I have no idea what happens after). Kirino then tells Kyousuke how GRATEFUL she is for everything he’s done, and even compliments Kuroneko and Saori in the meantime. SHE THANKS HIM. FOR THE FIRST TIME. EVER. WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Did Manami somehow give some of her kindness to Kirino or something? 😮
It is then time for Kyousuke’s interior monologue to happen. After Kirino’s words, he suddenly starts crying, and he doesn’t know why because in his mind he has always done everything for himself, because he is her brother and should do that Just admit that you were enslaved. He never expected a single Thank You from her.
He then opens the present Kirino gave him, and it turns out it’s the eroge that Kirino was orgasming on enjoying and Kyousuke was forced to hear her. facepalm
Overall Impression: HOLY SHIT THIS EPISODE WAS PURE AWESOME. The. Whole. Thing. The plot was amazing and I’m so glad that Kirino finally acted as though she had a heart in the end. Her evil thoughts from the beginning were really funny, but it was also really mean and I’m glad she apologized for that, and thanked Kyousuke for everything else as well. It finally gives Kyousuke a reason for him not to despise her completely.

This episode was also absolutely hilarious. Apart from the serious and absolutely amazing moment in the second half, I couldn’t stop laughing from beginning to end. Everything was absolutely hilarious, from Kirino’s evil actions to Manami’s innocent replies. Kuroneko’s manga was also absolutely hilarious, and I really like how although the episode was really funny it definitely wasn’t a useless episode and there was a HUGE plot development. I cannot wait until next episode to see what will happen!