…Why do I like this?
………. Why am I deeply enjoying this?

I know Ayase barely shows up in this episode, but I just found she was so pretty, I had to put her there.

This week we witness Kirino’s character evolve and level up a thousand times, and that’s not including the mind blowing Super Saiyan transformations that happen in her head. Yep, Kirino finally realizes she likes Kyousuke.
The day starts off when she receives a new eroge she had been waiting for. She locks herself up into her room, brings some snacks and starts playing with no intention of moving for the rest of the day (Everyone has done it!).
... I feel as though I just received Fire Emblem again this year. I totally understand you, Kirino.

As she is playing, she makes a lot of noise and expresses what she thinks out loud, therefore making Kyousuke really awkwarded out because he can hear her from his room. In Kirino’s game, there are 2 girls you can choose from (Rinko and Miyabi), and it doesn’t take long before we realize (and Kirino does too, but she won’t admit it) that Rinko is a perfect copy of her. The said sister decides to switch to Miyabi  STOP BEING IN DENIAL and enjoys herself for a while. She then switches again to Rinko again, and finishes her route before Miyabi’s.
*COUGHCOUGHAHEMAHEM* I notice a ressemblance here *COUGHCOUGH*

Upon seeing this last picture, it is then that she concludes what she had started thinking throughout the game and the day (Her first visit to the bath also made her start thinking about this, as did her argument with Kyousuke), seeing Rinko-chan as she is: She likes Kyousuke. How do we know she figures that out? The next scene shows Kirino going downstairs to take her bath, and as she sees Kyousuke she becomes extremely timid and blushes and then decides to show absolutely the opposite of what she thinks to Kyousuke as usual, stupid girl in denial…STOOPID.
Meanwhile, we finally see Kuroneko and Saori in regular clothes! Kuroneko has a little sister that’s incredibly cute and decides to take care of her for the day, and Saori is apparently an extremely rich girl who’s part of the aristocracy of Japan gasp. This episode is full of surprises, I’m telling you.
*gasp* Kuroneko has normal clothes? And she wears them?

By the way…
I have something I’m wondering…
Just thought I’d mention it…
Why do we never see Saori’s face when she’s dressed up?!?!?

Whyyyyyyy? Hopefully we’ll figure it out…….
Anyways, for those of you who have been following my posts from the start, you may have realized that I am not a big fan of incest. However, when this show started I believed it wouldn’t be so bad and decided to blog this anyways. I had a lot of trouble putting up with it, however now I’ve realized that this show is just SO GOOD and I totally forget about the fact that they’re siblings. For a show of this genre to become so popular, it seriously has to be incredibly amazing, and so far I’m amazed about the quality of the show. This week, Kirino’s character development was so well done and I found it really cute when she finally realized she liked her brother. I loved the fact that they didn’t have any of the characters say it orally but rather they let us assume where this episode was going. They also stuck with Kyousuke’s personality, and we also finally got to know a bit more about Kuroneko’s and Saori’s life. The maid outfits Saori made for everyone really made me curious, are they all going to wear them? I hope this is what next week’s episode will be about, it could cause a big change in Kuroneko, and possibly in Kirino since she likes Kyousuke now.
…Why am I so excited about the fact that Kirino likes Kyousuke?! WHYYYY?! THIS SHOW IS JUST WAY TOO DAMN GOOD. It exceeds all my expectations and I love it. Done deal.

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  1. ryvrdrgn14

    It was a great episode overall and it made the characters more endearing. I am just hoping that there is a second season (and that the budget/quality is at least close to the same of this season).
    If there isn’t a second season, they should at least finish off with some OVAs or a movie or something. The story is just so nice that it’d be a shame if the anime doesn’t cover the whole story.
    On thing I’d have to say is that those walls are pretty darn thin if every bit of sound is going through like that. Either that or Kirino is really, really loud. >_>

  2. Myst

    I sure hope there is a second season to this as well, although I really don’t know if it will happen… The show is pretty popular, so we’ll have to wait, so far I heard nothing :/…
    As for the walls, well you’d actually be surprised… My room happens to be right next to another room in the house, and the hearing is actually pretty good XD And I do believe that Kirino was probably VERY loud, too XD

  3. Kona-chan

    Like Myst said i hope there is a second season too cause the anime is really good i sort of liked it better than MM!

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