After Luffy’s unconscious Haki attack, everyone realizes he exists targets him and he is attacked from all sides! It’s about time they realize he’s the only one actually running towards the platform… Everyone else is just fighting for the heck of fighting.

Don't be scared, lil' Ace! Luffy's almost there!

The big bad monster's gonna get you! *gasp*

Run, Luffy, RUN!

As Luffy keeps running what he’s been doing for the past 10 episodes, the Marines realize that he isn’t some ordinary rookie and that he should not be left alive. They also realize that they’ve been wasting their time against Whitebeard all along who wasn’t even moving Luffy is almost at the scaffold and they need to stop him. Fortunately for him, Whitebeard has also taken conscience of Luffy and now wants to protect him at all costs. With the help of the Whitebeard pirates, Luffy overcomes all enemies that appear before him and is on the verge of reaching Ace when Garp shows up and ruins his hopes of ever getting there. TO BE CONTINUED…
Impression: So much action! So much suspense! So much awesomeness! IT’S ABOUT TIME! This episode was pure awesomeness. Everything we were waiting for is finally there, in this episode and the next one! Luffy is finally on the verge of rescuing Ace and his badassness has brought the whole of Whitebeard’s crew with him! flail I can’t wait for next week’s episode! It’s a short review this week, but I seriously have nothing to say other than IT’S AN AWESOME EPISODE!
...Wasn't he dead?

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  1. paper

    3< I should have been doing homework but I saw this post so I went to watch this episode instead. x]
    Anyways, this episode was a nice build up to what's going to occur in the next episode..
    The bohemian dude with the monkey.. omg, that monkey is so cool. He was wielding a gun and actually used it too. x]
    It was amazing how so many would help him reach closer and closer to Ace.

    1. Myst

      Yeah, it was really good! I love the fact that now the action is pretty much never going to stop, and all that wait was really worth it! (XD sorry about your homework btw, replying like this will probably also distract you lol) I loved how Daz Bones got totally owned in a second and a half, it reminded me of Coby last episode XD. Mihawk is way too badass to be a bad guy, in my opinion XD.

      1. paper

        But on the other hand.. after all this action.. it’s going to be storytelling time to get the plot moving again after we know what happens to Ace’s fate. D:
        [Lol, it’s all good.. homework can wait. pfft]
        Lol, it was lame. He was trying to make an excuse for it too. x]
        Yeahh~~ I dont like how he’s getting in Luffy’s way.

  2. Myst

    yeah true :/ ah well, I can afford that! XD At least I won’t know what’s gonna happen exactly so I can wonder every episode what’s going to happen and such 😛 I still love One Piece, the intense moments really are intense XD.

    1. paper

      lol, you say that now but wait until when that moment comes…
      you won’t know but I can spoil it for you. x]
      OP’s intense moments make me scream things out loud like ‘NOOO.’ and makes it difficult for me to sit properly in my chair. x3

      1. Myst

        NUUUUUU don’t do it! No spoiling lol XD My friend kept doing that to me, which is why I know about what happens after the war lol XD Intense moments are sweet 🙂

      2. paper

        Ooh, that makes me want to spoil it for you even more. pfft. jk, jk. that’d be horrible and seeing as i’m not a horrible person, i would never do something horrible like spoiling things.. >3>
        Aww, ahah, it makes things not so great if you already know whats going to happen.

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