Yep, this week well it was last week because I’m really late, sorry about that, anyways I’ll leave it at that was another of those in-between episodes showing off Elci’s cuteness, Keima’s heartlessness and Keima’s mom’s…Nakedness? Yeah… That kinda screwed me over, but then again I’m a girl and don’t get turned on when I see boobs… Anyways, on with the summary trying out a new style of writing too, so we’re all going to be living a new experience together =D Ok, I shut up.
This week we witness how a regular day in the Katsuragi family goes by, from each and every point of view of the characters.
Elci’s day:
Elci is always so considerate of Keima. She has always wanted to make him some lunch for school, and also cleans the house all for Keima. But Keima doesn’t seem to understand her kindness, and he always refuses her lunches because he finds them “disgusting”. She has always wanted what’s best for him, however today, after Keima sees his lunch he refuses it categorically and tells her she has no special ability whatsoever and that she is a good-for-nothing demon. Poor little Elci, she goes to school extremely depressed, and after some comforting from her friend decides to bake a strawberry shortcake for Keima and prove to him that she can cook. As she is cooking, she accidentally hatches an egg of a Mandragon, and her baking process is stopped by this monster, who is purchasing her. She encounters Keima, and hides the cake she had started making. In the end, the monster eats her strawberries and the cake disappears, and after a long day Elci is told by Keima that “he does not like anything sweet”.

…On a side note………WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Keima’s day:

Katsuragi Keima’s day starts off fairly bad, as he is traumatized by Elci in the morning, because she made his lunch out of very “interesting” demon food. It’s all because of her. As soon as she arrived into his life, his peaceful gamer life was turned upside down because of her. We then see him as he would act on a regular school day, playing games while in class, however still getting hundreds in class Sweet deal, dude. At lunch time, he is still playing his game, however is interrupted as he sees living “things” on the ground (not sure what they are) and then gets attacked by a Mandragon flying by. After his encounter with Elci, he realizes she is up to no good and then goes to his gym class. His lack of physical abilities make him unable to keep up with the course, however he realizes that the real world is unimportant. His confidence all comes back as he thinks of himself as “the God of Conquest, and no one from the real world can interfere!”Riiiight. His gym class is suddenly interrupted by a bunch of monsters passing by. As he comes back home, he notices the cake Elci baked for him in the bushes, however ignores it and goes in the house.

Mother of Keima’s day: Keima’s mom (Dunno her name :/) wakes up in the morning, and as she folds clothes hears a big scream coming from the kitchen. She reckognizes Keima’s voice, and describes his as “full of energy this morning”. Much later in the day, she is fixing her motorcycle when Keima’s teacher calls and asks her to come visit and talk about their son. She decides to take a bath in order to meet him (her hands are dirty from the motorcycle), and as she is relaxing and thinking about her son’s actions, she hears a loud thud. WHAM! She opens the window harshly, and *gasp* A big monster appears! (It’s the mandragon from before, if you hadn’t realized) She has to beat it DOWN, he’s peeking! She hurries out of the bathroom, but then a broken flower pot on the floor tells her that there is most likely an intruder in the house. Scared, she approaches a shadow in the kitchen and WHACK! All menace is now eliminated. Or at least, Keima is, because the so-called “intruder” is in fact Keima eating Elci’s cake.

In the end, the Mandragon gets eaten by the lunch Elci made for Keima, and the lunch also attacks Keima’s teacher, who ends up being spotted by the creature.

Impression: This episode was RETARDED. It’s only use was to give us a little in-between episode before Keima encounters his next girl, so that we avoid a little bit of repetition. It also showed off Elci’s cuteness, and I seriously can’t get over that. She’s so cute!  ^-^. Anyways, apart from that, the episode had quite its dose of funny moments, however I can’t help but notice how absolutely retarded it was.

First of all, I have to say that I really liked how they cut down the episode. Seeing from everyone’s point of view the same day added some humour and gave us clues as to what was happening, without giving everything away. It also made us see clearly Keima and Elci’s personality (We couldn’t care less about Keima’s mom though, she just basically made the plot understandable, that’s all, and what they think of each other. I kind of feel bad for Elci, seeing as she tries her best for Keima, and he doesn’t even recognize that. When not in conquest mode, he seriously is a selfish bastard. Oh well, I still like him. For him, it is evident that he sees Elci as a demon come from hell in order to ruin his life completely Oh wait, she is a demon from hell… The last part isn’t true though. Elci’s clumsiness and kindness was also shown in this episode. I really liked how their personalities were portrayed and I thought that was very well done.

Now, for some fanservice. Keima’s mother is seen naked running around the house, OMG! Seriously, I’ll never understand. But then again, I’m not a guy, so I can’t take their side on that.

On another side note: WTF is wrong with Elci’s and Keima’s teacher?!?!?! He looks soooooooo creepy. It’s creepy. I don’t have much else to say… O-O I would NOT want to meet that guy in a dark alley, let’s just leave it at that.

Overall, this episode was a necessary filler, and the only thing I regret is the total lack of cute moments, apart from Elci’s clumsiness. The episode was pretty funny, but I didn’t kill myself laughing. Meh. Filler.

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  1. ryvrdrgn14

    For me, the manga really did better for this story than the anime. It was told in 2 chapters (11 & 12) with the first part being Elsie’s point of view and the second being Keima’s. The things that the manga story conveyed (I feel) were totally lost on this episode of the anime and it’s just mostly the guys who are happy to get fanservice of Keima’s mother.
    Here’s a link (chapter 11) if you feel unsatisfied with the episode and want to see how it was shown in the manga for the sake of comparison and what you may have missed out on:

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