Bleach 302 & 303: No hope for the New Year

Bleach 302


Ichigo, with the help of his dad, start his training in the precipice world while Aizen step foot in the real Karakura town, where Ichigo’s friend are unknowingly wondering what is happening to the town.


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Kimi ni Todoke Episode 0: Let's summarize this! … Well, kinda.

So, this episode summed up the first season, from Kurumi’s point of view. Or, should I say, it summarized what happened to Kurumi in the first season Sawako is pretty much shoved under the carpet in this episode. They reminded us of her background story, and the only new thing we learn in the end is that Kurumi is buying chocolates, probably for Valentine’s day Seeing the preview for next episode, it is for Valentine’s day. (more…)