Nothing more creepy than having stuff animals STARE at you while sleeping...

A new toy store, Twin Bells is in town, the owner Miss Maki is a total cluz, knocking boxes everywhere. Sakura and her friends go to visit only to see that the store owner hasn’t finished organizing and tidying up. Sakura offers that they help her out so that they can see the merchandise faster. When they finish Maki gives them some snacks.  Suddenly a giant panda comes jumping out of a box bouncing over to Chiharu who was talking about how she loves plushies, the owner looked terrified. Miss Maki takes it home only to discover as soon as she left her room, the Panda plush disappeared.
There’s nothing more creepy than seeing a big eyed panda staring into your soul. It’s just one of those things that freak me out every now and then.
Maki on the other hand, is extremely clumsy, not to mention easily distracted. Tomyo – I didn’t realize that she can go on and on, but holy crap – I really do have to wonder if she’d run out of things to say. I find it funny how it was JUMP that possessed the stuffed animals, you were figure it was something that mimicked a form, or pretend to be one. It looked unbelievably mischievous, and without a doubt it was seriously troublesome to catch. What would have Sakura done without FLY? Maybe use WINDY, but either way it would have been problematic. It’s pretty funny how ADORABLE it looks as a clow card however! XDD
The episode, once more – it was dull for my taste, but the preview indicates things will be more interesting – apparently Sakura ‘sees’ her mother.


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