Gosick Episode 3: THIS SHOW IS AMAZIIIIIIIING!!!!!!!!!!!

gasp Maurice-san didn’t have time to shoot our poor Kujo being manly and protecting his lovely Victorique, because Julie-san behind them shot him before he could do anything!


The remaining people continue walking and then Ned is also found dead. After a little bit more time we figure out that Ned is the culprit, and he was only pretending to be dead. After a small chase he manages to catch Julie, and then Kujo shows his manliness once again, admits how important Victorique is to him and FIGHTS FOR HER! In the end however, Julie is the one who defeats him because she uses Ned’s dropped axe to kill him HA! Girls always win in the end.
Everyone is then back on the ground and Victorique has apparently figured out that Julie is the real culprit Ned was just a psychotic killer in the end and didn’t actually prepare it in advance. The whole story is then explained in details, including the Maid’s motive as to why she would kill Roxane the fortune-teller. Once everything is back to normal (and Victorique is back in her prison garden), we learn that Weirddudewithweirdhair I know his name, I just think my nickname suits him better glares I seriously don’t like his hair is Victorique’s step-brother, and since Victorique is an illegitimate child she has been prohibited from going outside except when the Duke allows it. The scene ends and Victorique and Kujo are now officially friends.
Impression: All right, first, let me mention that THIS SHOW IS AMAZING AND I’M IN LOVE WITH IT!!!!!!!!
The bond Kujo and Victorique are forming is really cute, and I love those kind of things! It’s not always necessarily romance and cute events, it’s all about the two of them forming a bond that is almost indestructible and they’re slowly getting there. They’ve already shown to each other how important the other was to them, and it’s so beautiful.
AWWW ^.^ So cute.

I also loved how they solved everything in the end. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! The mystery was incredibly well done and it was hard to figure out who did what in the end, I loved how they ended up finishing the initial mystery involving Roxane at the same time as the Queen Berry mystery, they were clearly related to one another but I didn’t think it would be that related. I have to admit there was a bunch of stuff I was a little confused with last episode, and this week everything suddenly was answered in the end, in a much cooler way than I thought it would be.
I also liked the fact that they explained Victorique’s situation pretty early in the series. If not, it would’ve bothered me more and more as each week went on, and to only learn it in the end would’ve been really annoying.
As for the final fight, the climax, once again, it was a masterpiece of pure greatness ok I might be exaggerating a tad but anyways you get the point. Kujo’s manliness was really cool, and I loved how in the end they didn’t make it an absolutely impossible situation making Kujo win against the big bad guy, but instead the small girl won in a logical way by using the humongous axe. This way, they gave a starring role to Kujo but also left us with the greatness of reality. The whole thing was quite dramatic, as well!

All right, so in conclusion, I’m in love with this show, completely. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! It has all the amazing characteristics of a psychological genre, amazing characters, sweet art, and moreover there’s a little bit of horror put in as well. flails I can’t express anymore how much I’m liking this.

3 thoughts on “Gosick Episode 3: THIS SHOW IS AMAZIIIIIIIING!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I think that the mystery part of the first 3 episodes is very weak (but that’s expected since good mystery is hard to do), but the characters make up for it. I didn’t even know it was supposed to be a mystery show. D:
    Victorique is very cute especially with her sarcastic laugh. “Ho… ho… ho…” ~o~

    1. Oh my, sorry for the late reply! I thought for sure I had answered, then looked and realized I hadn’t XD. I actually love the mystery genre, and although it was quite obvious that the culprit was Julie, I loved how they twisted it around with Ned and in the end they also gave a motive to the maid. Of course, there was stuff that was a little bit sketchy, but as you said a reaaaally good mystery is hard to do.
      As for the characters, so far they seem absolutely great, I love Victorique! This show is one of my favourites so far this season!

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