Today’s episode focuses primarily on Chiba’s and Takatsuki’s conflicted relationship and what brought them to it. Kanako struggles to try and get them to make up. Frustrated she declares she will talk to neither of them and Takatsuki becomes determined to fix their relationship for hers and Kanako’s sake.
I absolutely loved this episode. It was so well paced, that not once did it feel like it was rushed. And once again the animation quality was just breathtaking.
What I loved about this episode was how it focused on the conflict between Chiba and Takatsuki, making it difficult and awkward for poor Kanako who is trying to balance out both of her friend’s time. It couldn’t have been done better considering they are forced to use flashbacks to explain the situation since they are starting in middle school right off the bat rather than elementary.
In the mean time, we learn that Ariga, is attracted to men and also doesn’t mind cross-dressing. He admits that he may have an attraction towards their teacher.
Then for those who haven’t read the manga, it also explained just how many people around them thinks that Shuichi looks like a girl and finds him cute. It may surprise people how many characters think about the same thing, whether it’s a positive or negative impression.
Last thing I wanted to mention was, Chizuru (Chii), you got to love her attitude. She is so cool and so funny, she just loves to try and make the best out of the worst situations. Chiba, she is a very strange character. Whether she’s likable or not, really depends on the viewer/reader. her additude, not nasty – but I would say cold. She claims that she hates everyone, but I think it’s really just exaggerating her frustration and jealousy that is really all towards one person and that is Takatsuki. Besides that, she also tends to bring up trouble because she ignores to use her manners – but at the same time, those people who try to communicate with her and get all pissed off about it are not any better for holding it against her. It’s more appropriate – in my sense, that you just ignore it. Are we going to take a fit towards a person lets say we held the door open for and they didn’t say thank you? Not really, it isn’t worth it.


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