Summary:A new transfer student arrives at the school, she is China’s representative and Ichika’s childhood friend.

Impression:Well this episode will seem to introduce us to yet another potential love interest for Ichika, a second childhood friend. The episode kicks off with Ichika and Cecilia are training with their IS and with infinite grace and a great show of skill, Ichika crashed on the ground creating a crater big enough to put any meteor to shame.

Nope, no oil here, let's dig elsewhere

But curiously Cecilia didn’t start laughing and humiliating him, her comportment and feeling towards Ichika seemed to have changed a lot since he nearly decapitated her in their last skirmish. While she was a bitch before she is now quite protective and shows much affection towards Ichika. This is turning in quite the harem drama ! So because Cecilia’s got the hot for Ichika she steps down on the whole class representative thing and Ichika becomes the new class representative, That was a guy’s job anyway. Now that Ichika is the new class representative, and the only guy in a school composed of girl only, he’s quite the interest around the school, I mean future IS pilot have needs too right? Every girl in the school seems to be fighting for a piece of him and to make matters worse a new girl just transferred to the school. Her name is Rinin and she’s China’s representative pilot. She also to be another of Ichika’s childhood friend, this guy had so many talented chicks from everywhere as friends. Now not only Rinin wants a pieces of Ichika for herself, she’s really determined to get it. About half of this episode was a confrontation on 3 side to know who will get Ichika for herself. Those girl are so clueless, all they have to do is give the guy a blowjob and they’ll win his heart, or at least his penis, but the heart is sure to follow. But of course not, those girls are naive as ever and want to do it the bitchy way.

Awwwwww but that was my favorite part !

Apart from the love contest between the girl, this episode we were able to learn how Ichika was able to enter the academy. And it was quite unimpressive, the guy got lost, enter the room that says authorized personal only, and touched the Infinite stratos that was lying there, the machine reacted, the guy’s a hero. Now in the upcoming days of our heroes life a tournament between each class is planned. The class representative of each class will be fighting against one another to see who’s the strongest. Rinin is her class representative, and luck-of-the-draw or more like dramatic-script-writers has decided  that she would have her first match against Ichika. The night before the match, Rinin remembers Ichika about their promised from long ago, that when Rinin would get better at cooking she would cook the meal for him everyday. At the very least that’s what Ichika remembered, the real promised would probably have been that when Rinin would improve her cooking she would cook for Ichika, because Rinin would be Ichika’s wife. Ichika seemed to never really understand how girl thinks, so he didn’t saw that hidden line in the contract and he’s quite confused when Rinin bitch-slap him.


In the next episode Rinin and Ichika will settle their different in the arena, where the best of the two will win a request from the other. This should be interesting. Things I liked about this episode: – Ichika is still such a loser – I love seeing Ichika ad Hoki in the same room Conclusion: This episode was not as action packed as I hoped, but it is a good introduction to the fighting that will occur in next week episode. Still there were some cute scene and fun backstory, but in the in the real fun will happen next week. Make sure to read next week review by Oki, it is sure to be awesome ZeroG signing off

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  1. vjlai

    Houki + Cecilia + FanRinin = <3 KyaaaaaaahhHHHH !!!! DAISUKI!!! They are so adorable! And OMG did Cecilia changed. She's actually Kawaii in this episode … damn. I'm still shocked/surprised how the academy allows a man and woman in a same room unsupervised! Tsk TSk TSK bastard Ichika I"M SO JEALOUS!!!!! LoL!

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