O.O I’m scared. But I’m also liking this. A lot.The story starts off as Merry, the main girl character of the story, is awaken by a very loud clock, in a world that seems to be decaying. She complains, however gets up and starts her day anyways, going through some door that was opened when the clock rang.

O.o You're a little too freaky-looking to be a cat...

The scene then changes as Yumeji, the main boy character, is standing in a world where there are flying fish bones everywhere and he is being attacked by freaky cat-like things. He complains that his body can’t stand doing this every night another one that complains?, and we then learn that it’s a dream I hope so… ‘Cause if that were the actual world I’d start doubting the soberness of J.C. Staff producers… Anyways, as Yumeji gets captured by the cat-things, and a bad-looking cat comes by and is about to rape him bring him to his boss when morning arrives and saves Yumeji.
As Merry is entering the real world and walking around, we learn a little bit more about Yumeji’s school life and friends, and we also learn that he has the power to see the colours that represent a person’s dreams during the night. Yumeji checks himself in the mirror with that power and sees that the cats will definitely come back tonight, and as he is walking back from school Merry falls on him to avoid crows.
I don't wanna pop your bubble, but even if you wear metal cat ears you DON'T LOOK LIKE A CAT. Just saying.

She leaves, complaining about the crows and losing her hat, and as Yumeji keeps walking around he finds it on top of a cat, takes it and suddenly he’s back in the cat world with the flying fish bones! O.O This is getting scary… Yumeji is met by Chaser John Doe, the cat boss that doesn’t look like a cat, and John Doe tells him that he needs a vessel in order to visit and pulls out a saw in order to take poor Yumeji’s body O.O He starts chasing him around when Merry appears to save the day. She kicks his ass in hopes of going back to her own world because she feels lost in the human world, however Chaser John Doe leaves while saying badass stuff and leaves her there. Yumeji and Merry are suddenly back in the real world, and Merry suddenly collapses while crying because she couldn’t go back to the dreams world.
Impression: O.O HOLY CRAP this is much scarier than I thought it was going to be. I am now a little troubled with going in my bed to dream tonight… I dunno about you…
As scary as it is, daaaaamn this is good. It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting, and I’m really excited to see how this is going to turn out. I found it pretty ironic that they called the girl Merry Nightmare, considering nightmares usually aren’t merry at all. When Yumeji started daydreaming, that really freaked me out and I dunno for you, but the scary music in the background didn’t help.
For some reason, I found that this episode seriously reminded me of Bleach. Make Chaser a hollow, Merry becomes Rukia and Yumeji is Ichigo and it’s starting to look alike a lot XD. I doubt it’ll turn out the same way though, this one seems to have a much different storyline, however right now it’s the impression I’m getting. As for Yumeji’s school life and special power, I find his power pretty damn awesome and his friends pretty damn weird.
Overall, this show has an amazing potential right now and I’m looking forward to the next episode.

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  1. Eva

    Yeah I found it pretty spooky myself – fortunately it didn’t have any influence in my dreams. XD But anyhow this show should turn out interesting!!! 😀

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