Big news! Our little Yumeji got attached to Merry and is now going to find her in order to help her! Yeah, well that was pretty much figured out as soon as Merry left, so whatever. On to the rest of the episode.

d'Aww, so cute ^.^

Right after the opening, we are shown a very cute little girl who trips all the time and wears a hat that looks a lot like Merry’s hat It is quite a random scene nonetheless, however the girl was cute so it’s fine. After a scene with Yumeji, we finally understand why the girl is so important as she sees Merry standing atop a tall, metal thing. Back to our main character, he and his friends watch a fortune-telling show on TV and Yumeji is told via his Zodiac sign that he should watch overhead, because something could fall on him gasp!
Ok, I dunno about you, but that was a total FAIL at an attempt at foreshadowing and instead it made the show all too predictable…AHEMAHEMnotlikeMerrycouldfallonhimoranything…AHEMAHEM

Here’s another scene showing something that was pretty much figured out already, Chizuru (the transfer student from last episode) is a Dream Demon who took over Chizuru’s soul and now lives in the Human World.
Anyways, back to Merry and her soon-to-be new friend it only took half a donut and Merry found herself a new best friend, we learn that the little girl is always alone and only talks to “Ichima” whoever that is. Apparently Ichima and Merry are very alike OMFG! Not like Ichima could be a Dream Demon or anything, that would be SO SURPRISING /sarcasm.
While Yumeji is walking in the park, he gets hit by the little girl’s can as she plays kick the can with Merry, and then surprisingly Merry was sitting in the tree above Yumeji and falls on him! OMFG REAAALLY?!?! There was no way I could’ve figured this out by myself! /sarcasm Then, to continue in this mood of complete unpredictableness, after a Kick the Can match Yumeji checks the little girl’s dreams and gasp IT’S A NIGHTMARE!!! THE LITTLE GIRL WILL SEE A DREAM DEMON! …No, really?.

As the little girl we finally learn that her name is Minato enters a daydream, it turns out the Dream Demon is the Ichima that the little girl was talking about before Predictable… After Ichima tries to take over Minato’s body, Merry appears, and for some reason Yumeji also appears although he shouldn’t. After a fight between Merry and Ichima, Merry wins and Minato is saved. The last scene involves an angel-looking person in the Dream World, who seems pretty violent and evil enough to be the bad guy in the story.
This is sooo predictable -_-! It was the feeling I was starting to get when I saw last week’s episode, however this week confirmed everything. I can figure out the main basis of the story already, and yet I can’t help but want to watch next episode. This show is way too catchy for the storyline it’s giving us, and as deceived as I am I still want to watch it :/.
It’s pretty obvious that Merry will become some kind of superhero to save the people around Yumeji, and he will be there to tell her when Dream Demons are attacking and she will keep trying to go back to her world, however will be met by the suspicious angel Dream Demon. She will fail and when she finally succeeds, she’ll come back to Yumeji because she likes the Human World. Something like that, anyways.
Apart from that, the show is quite humourous and I love Merry’s obsession toward donuts, it’s really funny!

Oh yeah, and the Nightmare fight at the end was pretty scary once again… The way Merry won over Ichima however was pretty damn pathetic. After putting up such a scary face, Ichima backs out when Merry pinces her cheek *gasp* So dangerous, I’m so scared. Not.
So basically the show pretty much kept the same style as in the last 2 episodes, however the plot so far is way too predictable and it’s starting to bother me a little bit…
Please note that I will still be blogging this as there still seems to be some interesting things to this show, some things that might be hidden behind the predictable plot, and I still haven’t given up on it yet.

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  1. Eva

    If you ever give up, I’m taking over. I’m loving this show.
    Predictable? I wouldn’t say so as much. Yes, Merry has to fight the Dream Demons but if she weren’t, would you have rather her be a D.I.D? LOL! She’s the heroine, what else are you expecting her to do? XDDD
    //It’s pretty obvious that Merry will become some kind of superhero to save the people around Yumeji//
    I doubt this. Why? While she is desperate to get back in the Dream World, the Dream Demons are desperate to get out. Remember she doesn’t quite remember how she got outside in the first place. There’s something going on behind the scenes that is probably creating alot of problems. Being this “superhero” depending on which Dream Demons she fights, what she’s doing could end up as a bad thing, a negative impact. In this case ends up aiding the bad guys – whoever they are.
    But yeah, that fight scene was pretty pathetic.

    1. Myst

      Yeah, I guess you’re right. I won’t be dropping this quite yet though… and for predictableness I was mostly talking about the events in the episode itself, as in I already knew what was going to happen pretty much after the first 5 minutes of the show :/ Anyways, we’ll see, so far I still like it anyways 😛

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