Beelzebub Episode 7: Let's go to the Park!!!

His face basically says it all about how much he would want to go to the park.

This episode starts off in absolute kindness as we see Kanzaki and Himakawa, in the same hospital room, fighting for a banana Love is in the air~. Natsume and the transvestite Kanzaki’s other subordinate then come in, and we learn that the 3rd TKKH, Kunieda, has come back to Ishiyama High Seriously, do the teachers even exist in that school? From what I see there’s no point in even teaching because no one’ll listen and everyone leaves when they feel like it, so wtf’s the point of even having a school? XD Anyways, back to the main point… Kunieda is apparently stronger than both Kanzaki and Himekawa, and since they are both knocked out Natsume points out that it is all up to Oga to protect Ishiyama High and stop Kunieda from being boss Oh Natsume, how you just love to fill the world with deep hatred and jealousy with your words of wisdom.
After the opening, we are back at Oga’s house, where Oga’s dad is desperately trying to get Baby Beel’s attention and fails, while Oga contemplates the Zebul mark and complains that it’s gotten even bigger. After a funny conversation, Oga is forced to go to the park with Baby Beel, and his attempts to bring Hilda and Furuichi with him fail completely. At the park, he decides to play Oopsie Daisy with Baby Beel, but throws him waaaay too far and is then afraid of being zapped to death because he is 15 meters away from the baby Wow, you’re an idiot.

Fly, flyyyyy awaaaaay~

He catches up to the baby, and then tries to make his “Park Debut” by talking to other people with babies and fails miserably because he’s too scary and seriously looks like a rapist. He then talks to this other 15 year old girl who’s taking care of her little brother, Aoi, and she helps him out and tries to make him talk to other mothers. Of course, that fails also and in the end Baby Beel and Kouta, Aoi’s little brother, have a wrestling match wut? where Baby Beel loses NUUUU, then leave together and start building a demonic sandcastle. The other ladies in the park then decide to call the police, and while the police officer is talking and trying to drag Oga to prison it looks as though Aoi is about to slap the officer when Oga turns around and kicks him in the nuts OWWWWWNED. After this incident, Aoi, full of admiration for Oga, then goes back home, only for us to learn that she is, in fact, the third TKKH, Kunieda Aoi.
Please excuse Myst, she was busy laughing her head off again and again and again until she fell in a coma, died and then was revived into a zombie

Ok, maybe not, but you get the point. This episode was hilarious. They took a scene so typical that is going to the park with a baby and they made it extremely serious and ridiculous at the same time, as though it really was a big, necessary step to raise your baby. Oga’s ways at being a father are also really pathetic interesting, and his parents made me burst out laughing when they tried to made Baby Beel smile. I seriously can’t count how many times I laughed: Baby Beel’s reaction towards Oga’s dad, the Oopsie-Daisy game, Aoi’s fantasies where she thought Oga was confessing to her, Baby Beel’s and Kouta’s wrestling match, etc etc. Basically, I couldn’t stop until the episode ended.
Another thing that made everything funnier in this episode was probably the sparkly backgrounds. I swear, they overused it in this episode, and it was quite entertaining. They used when Beelzebub was ignoring Oga’s dad, and also for Aoi’s fantasies. It made everything so much more “beautiful” and just raised the humourous level of it all.
I also liked this episode because they also included a chunk of plot amongst these hilarious moments. Aoi is actually an important character, and because she is a TKKH it’s funny to learn that she’s in fact Oga’s enemy when they got along pretty well. I’m really curious about her personality. It looks as though she’s really not that evil, and I’m thinking she’ll be a good person in the end. It was a pretty fine plot twist and I kinda wonder how her reaction towards Oga will turn out. She might act like a cruel, evil delinquent at school, but hey, she still takes care of her baby brother and seems attracted to Oga like a normal but slightly violent girl, so who knows?
By the way, while I’m talking about this baby brother, it looks like Baby Beel has got himself another crazy violent friend just like him!As ridiculous as this “Park Debut” thing sounded like, it actually worked and Baby Beel now has a friend, who seems pretty damn insane also. Which means that Oga will probably have even more trouble because 2 crazy babies is always more troublesome than one crazy baby Yaaaaaaay!
I’m also a little curious to see what’ll happen after the TKKH arc, which seems to go by pretty fast. I mean, Oga has beaten up half of them already, so I’m guessing another, bigger plot will start after this, which will make everything more interesting It better.
Facial Expression of the Week:

Unfortunately, this one is the best I could find. This week’s episode was lacking! 🙁

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