Please note: This episode was awesome.
Scratch that: This show is awesome.
Last week, we learned that a beautiful little girl taking care of her brother was in fact a TKKH and the very menacing Kunieda. This week, we get this confirmed, as Kunieda goes out while saying goodbye to her little brother that doesn’t look too menacing. She then meets up with her 2 sidekicks, and as she hears word of “Oga Tatsumi, the dangerous rookie” at school, she stops her friend from talking, looks to the side, takes out her wooden sword and CUTS A STATUE IN HALF!!!!! Gasp Was there an intruder? Someone hiding behind that statue? DID SHE HAVE KILLING INTENTIONS?!?! The conversation then goes on and it turns out she cut down the statue only in order to prove that she could cut down a statue in half with a wooden sword Ok, that was pretty impressive, I’ll give her that, but she totally destroyed my expectations, I thought there would be a reason why she cut down the statue… Gee, what a show off.

Talk about destroying my expectations... Tsss...

It looks like Oga, on his side, is finally getting the hang of taking care of Baby Beel without being zapped too many times it’s about time. He is busy feeding him when Furuichi comes along and greets him with an overjoyed smile. We soon learn that he couldn’t be happier because the Queen has returned and that means the GIRLS ARE BACK Calm your hormones down, dude... Once at school, after a VERY CREEPY AND A TAD TRAUMATIZING scene involving Alaindelon wearing a girl’s uniform, Furuichi decides to go look for the Queen, and drags brings Oga along without his consent.
Meanwhile, the 2 stupid thugs and both Kanzaki and Himekawa try to confront Kunieda, but they get their asses kicked in seconds. While Oga is being dragged along by the biggest player ever Furuichi to find the Queen, we witness a random dude playing as the evil witch in Snow White and, quite frankly, I mention him because he’s probably going to be important later on but I couldn’t care less about that idiot GTFO.
Furuichi and Oga finally reach the Queen, and Kunieda recognizes him from the park. She’s scared that he will recognize her, and then looks at the baby who looks at her suspiciously! He KNOWS SOMETHING!! …Ah, but then he doesn’t. THEN HE KNOWS! …Then he doesn’t. OH, MAYBE NOW?!… Nope WTF. Anyways…
After a quick fight between Kunieda and Oga where Kunieda decides it is healthy to destroy the whole freakin’ hallway sweeeeeeeet, Oga, who has dodged everything, tries to give away Baby Beel to her, and she refuses and leaves, disturbed by his proposition. As she daydreams while looking at the setting sun when do these guys finish school, seriously? I dunno about you, but staying until the sun sets is a little depressing…, she thinks of Oga and wonders if he has divorced It’s LUUUUUURV.
Rant Incoming
Rant Incoming
Rant Incoming No, seriously
I LOVE KUNIEDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Kunieda is one of the most awesome characters ever and I love her already, for TONS of reasons. This episode gave us a lot of detail as to how she acted and such, and I must say that she definitely will be important later on, at least she has to because she’s so freakin’ sweet. KYAAAAA there goes my Japanese onomatopoeia again.
First off, she looks fucking amazing. Her character design is so damn awesome and I love her clothes, her face, her posture, heck, even her voice. Then comes her amazing fighting style. Duuuude, she can destroy a hallway with a freakin’ wooden sword!!!! 🙂
Moreover, it looks as though her personality is quite well defined from the others. She’s a TKKH, an apparently very menacing person, however with the way she acts towards her little brother, the other girls and, in the end, towards Oga shows that she has a sweet, nice side, and it tells me that in the end she’ll probably be a main character fighting for the world with Oga! something like that anyways, come on, it’s a shounen, they’ll have to protect something...
Quite frankly, apart from my rant talk about Kunieda, I don’t have much to say about this episode. Baby Beel showed tons of cute faces, we learned that Furuichi was much more of a player than we thought that I thought, anyways and that Alaindelon was as creepy as ever But we kinda knew that already. It also looks like Kanzaki and Himekawa have become a duo, and always hang out together.
…K, I think I’m done Sorry for the rant… Although I’m not really sorry….


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