Bleach 309: The downfall of the Gods


Ichigo and Aizen have become more powerful than any other mortal, they have transcended the limit of the shinigami and the hollows. But their struggle between life and death are about to come to an end as those two titans finish their ultimate battle.


This is it, the end of this story arc. The final battle between the two most powerful character in the show as of now. Aizen as risen to such strength that he can destroy low spiritual being just by being near them. But on the other hand Ichigo is now so powerful he could stop Aizen’s might with his bare hand.

The episode begins and Ichigo has already severely injured Aizen, He easily slashed through him like if he was a mere ant on his path. But of course Aizen can regenerate as he wish, and he also loves to transform as of late. So he continued his evolution into a supreme being of ugliness. He went from a pretty butterfly to some kind of nightmarish beasts. What I found impressive was the amount of blood that was scattered on the rocks beneath him. First of all that amount of blood would have normally required 30 people to be emptied out of their blood to have that much spilled everywhere and secondly since when is their blood in bleach? I’m actually quite impressed that they finally decided that maybe the show should become a little bit less childish and aimed for a more “mature” audience.

That's a lot of blood for a single person

So anyway,  now Aizen seems to be able to shoot nuclear missile ball from his side-heads, but Ichigo was able to stop the damage of the attack with his arm. But that came at a cost he lost his left arm doing so. His arm is fleshless and you can see that the burned muscles replace his pale flesh. That is also quite interesting for bleach, since usually when people got injured they either loss the limb completely with no trace of blood, or they had some scratch and bruises on it.

Is it just me or is it hot in here?

Anyway now Aizen as encircled Ichigo in his special technique that I named the circle of love and appreciation. Aizen basically encircle his love one and hold him high with his hand before making pretty purple firework to express his love. But Ichigo is bad mannered and breaks up Aizen romantic parade.

Now comes the awesome part, We finally got to see and understand what the Final Getsugatensho is. Right after a little flashback that is.

In his battle against his inner self, Ichigo finally understood that the only way for him to be able to learn Tensa’s secret technique was to accept that he is a part of him and therefore to accept his blade. By doing so Ichigo learned his ultimate technique, the technique that would let him turn into Tensa Zangetsou himself.  But the reason it was called the final getsugatensho is because after he uses that technique, he will lose his shinigami power. It is a final, ultimate attack.

But oh shit Ichigo looks fucking amazing in this form. He looks like power incarnate, absolute strength.

He has become God

His power is so great that even if Aizen is now able to casually summon nuclear missile, he can’t even begin to sense Ichigo’s power.

Now Aizen has been cut in two half, but that’s not enough to kill him yet, he is still recovering, even if he lost most of his previous power. But now Ichigo is in trouble, because his hair are back to their original orange color, meaning he lost all his power already.

But turn out Kisuke was brighter than we could imagine, Kisuke had placed a Kido in Aizen, that would take effect when he would get at its most vulnerable moment, a sealing kido that would forever seal Aizen’s power. Thanks to Kurosaki, Aizen was now weak enough that the Hogyoku decided to turn against Aizen, and with Kisuke kido, Aizen will forever be sealed now.

…Or at least until someone breaks his seal.

With this, the sky finally clears up and everyone in the world knows that Ichigo succeeded.

This marks the end of this story arc, we can expect many fillers until a new one starts, that’s the sad part about this.

Things I like about this episode:

  • The Final Gatgetsou of Ichigo was amazing

  • We got a hint about the Soul King being someone or something important, that looks interesting


Awesome ending, this was a beautiful conclusion to this great story arc and If next week is not a filler I’ll be the happiest man on earth, ok maybe not that much, but I’ll be quite happy anyway.

ZeroG signing off.

7 thoughts on “Bleach 309: The downfall of the Gods

    1. I highly doubt there will be no filler after this arc finishes. In fact the production team probably should have taken a Hiatus, and I think most people would have preferred that. There was quite an uproar when Rookiez is Punk’d accidental created a rumor that Bleach Anime was going to end/go on hiatus. Honestly when I first heard it I thought it would have been a good thing.

  1. that would have been horrible if it ended sure the whole eizen thing was over the top but still many things unrevealed like soul king and about ichigo and if hes adopted or not

    1. Well not like “the end for good” just more like a break instead of endless fillers to give the manga more time to get ahead further. Besides Kubo already confirmed that Bleach won’t end for another ten years. ROFLMAO! We’ll see how the Anime keeps up with that though. XD

      1. I’m sure they could manage to do shitty filler for 10 years with a good episode from the manga here and there, I’m not even concerned about that.

        I do believe they will create a filler story arc again, like the one with the zanpakto. Those are not as awesome as the real thing, but still, the zanpakto arc was not bad either.

      2. I think one of the reasons why the zanpakuto arc was successful in a way of it being enjoyable and interesting at the same time was because Kubo himself was involved with the project – even though that was only for the creative part (character designs/personalities). That filler arc was one of my favorites besides the Bount Arc, which too was rather enjoyable.

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