The journey continues where Clain has been given the choice of either jumping off the ship with a parachute or do odd jobs for the crew. Choosing the second option, Clain gets annoyed and exhausted by how much work he has to do compared to his normal daily Fractale System lifestyle. Later he notices the little girl who loves Nessa playing with her (although he cannot see her), he tries to get her to show up in front of him again, but Nessa stubbornly continues to hide. As the day progresses there’s a sudden technical problem with the airship causing it to become very hot inside. While Clain had offered to help out, Captain declined and told him to stay out of it, he decided to try and hack into the system itself only to realize that the error was very similar to when he had released Nessa from the amulet. He also discovers that the system program had Pre-Fractale technology involved which only make it more difficult to hack into, but even though he was still awed by it. Coming to a conclusion he contacts the Captain and informs him that it’s Nessa who’s probably causing the system to stop functioning properly. So now they all get everyone gathered around where Clain suggests that they do something that makes Nessa happy. One of the women suggested a feast, where as he remembered how because Nessa couldn’t eat he had to dance to demonstrate what the meal ‘tasted like’. So everyone starts dancing only to be packed altogether to one side of the ship as it enters a storm and tilts over. Nessa re-appears as result, but quickly disappears again, leaving Clain to think that maybe she had started playing hide and seek (even though she isn’t aware of the game itself). Phryne reveals that she had initially planned to disappear along with Nessa’s data. After huddling in the back she is found by Nessa who asks if she was hiding there too. Phryne looks at her and tells her that she’s the one who’s it, and explains that since she’s it, she has to take her by the hand and bring her back to the others.

To get this off my back, the animation was just terrible today. It felt so flat, lazy, plain, and it made it rather annoying to watch. As for the episode itself, it was cute as well as minor progress for the plot. Nessa, ignored Clain pretty much the entire episode, but eventually forgot that she was a mad at him and unconsciously started playing the game of ‘hide and seek’ and soon was able to be seen by him again. It turns out that Nessa has some sort of pre-fractale technology included in her data (or something along the lines), this is probably what makes her very important.
By the end of this episode, she and Phyrne finally got along (lets hope this keeps up), as so it has been revealed that Phyrne took her with the intentions of not opening her data and making her disappear along with her in the world. She also revealed that the temple values Nessa more than herself, but either way she is disgusted with the current system and wants it to be gone.
Now here’s the interesting part this episode, the Temple has a spy spider that happens to be a doppel which puts these people at a huge disadvantage of not seeing it. I’m expecting either Phyrne, or Clain to discover it or realize they’ve been tracked down – or even Nessa may blurt it out of blue, but it’ll likely be just forgotten and only brought up again when the Temple ambushes them.
Last thing to point out is was absolutely hilarious when the two women pulled off Clain’s pants where as its revealed he was wearing a loin cloth and the by the end of the episode gives him a new red one. I also find it funny how everyone continues to call him a pervert and always jumps to conclusion that he and Phyrne are having sex, poor kid. He’ll get used to it I guess considering these folks won’t stop.


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