Fractale Episode 4

The Lost Millennium interferes with the brainwashing ceremony and manages to kidnap Phyrne while they are at it. Nessa grows jealous and declares that she ‘hates’ Phyrne. Phryne reveals that she shares the same idea as the terrorist group where she agrees the Fractale system must be and remain destroyed. In the mean time since her capture, the Grand Priestess is enraged (although she really doesn’t display it on her face, you can tell with the words she uses) and declares that they capture and kill the Lost Millennium group while trying to avoid causing bloodshed on the innocents  (I smell sarcasm). With that said, they invade Lost Millennium’s territory and try to ‘rescue’ Phyrne in the progress. In the mean time while Clain and Nessa flee the village due to Clain not wanting to be involved with the terrorist group, he spots Phyrne breaking out and making a get away. He quickly goes after her, leaving stubborn Nessa behind is visibly annoyed with the amount of attention he is giving Phyrne. After being cornered with Phyrne by the people of the Temple, they ride off the cliff behind them landing on the Lost Millennium’s airship making their getaway.

I’m honestly not sure what to make out of this episode. It did fill in some questions but had left me alot more confused than I had started off with. For some reason Nessa does not like being around Phyrne (we are going to exclude the case of her jealousy at the moment), and doesn’t appear when she should, so I’m starting to question her existence. There’s clearly something more to Nessa’s data and her existence than meets the eye. It appears that, (though Clain couldn’t hear her due the attacks) she said something about how she was surprised that he was able to get into the data. I am guessing she probably would have followed up, “How did you do it?” despite saying cutt off giving us only, “Do you-“. Other than that, it turns out the Lost Millennium rebel group is actually an entire family, which kind of surprised me a bit. If they mentioned this in the previous episode, well clearly I missed that. Another thing that perked my interest was despite the family going against the Temple, some people like their Grandmother and her granddaughter likes Nessa very much. They shown to care for her despite their circumstances which I find very sweet.  Anyhow, the people of the Temple are very messed up, and I don’t blame Phryne running away countless times.
Phyrne’s opinion of how she hates ‘Love’ is rather interesting considering Nessa loves ‘Love’. Nessa was Nessa today with her childish innocent, not realizing that those shiny things were dangerous weapons. I’m starting to get ideas that maybe they are one or something, not sure – one split into two individuals… Well it’s too early to figure things out. Anyhow I’m looking forward to the next episode!


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