Hellsing Ultimate OVA Episode 2: This… Is… SOOOOO DISGUSTING… OMFG I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Gore, Blood, Horror, Happeh happeh, I am happeh to be blogging this amazing show that is called Hellsing Ultimate :D.
Alright, so the episode starts off as we see and attempt to comprehend a scene portraying Alucard way back when he wasn’t under Integra’s control. Quite frankly, I still don’t understand it much because nothing is explained, but we now know that Alucard used to be a Lord, tried something evil and sadistic involving vampires and apparently lost against a religious guy, whom I learned from other sources was Van Hellsing and he’s the one who brought Alucard under the control of the Hellsing Organization. He also was called a No-Life King even back then, and that’s pretty much all I figured from this scene. Anyways, we then figure out that this whole scene was a dream Alucard had, and he somehow seems very disturbed by it gasp NO WAAAAAAAI, ALUCARD IS DISTURBED BY SOMETHING?!?!?!?!?!?
Anyways, back to the main story, to confirm the dires of Mister Miss Integra-sama last episode, someone is making vampires in order to make experiments and analyzes them thoroughly for an unknown reason. This is explained in Integra’s house to a bunch of council member people, the “Council of the Round Table” Ohh, it’s a Round Table Council, these guys have to be important.

Anyways, the episode continues and we are back in the basement, where Seras is forced to sleep into a coffin and she refuses until Alucard convinces her that it’s fine. Alucard is then given a FUCKING AWESOME AND BADASS new gun, and then Seras gets a humongous sniper and she thinks it’s too big SHE DOESN’T LIKE IT? I think it’s freaking SWEET, I WANT A GUN LIKE THAT!!! that can destroy basically EVERYTHING Seriously, I want it…

I'll say it a third time: I want it.

So, to get the main plot started for this episode, we learn that the Hellsing headquarters are under attack! Two vampires (a dude with 20 million piercings and another cool-looking dude they’re technically called Jan and Luke but I really couldn’t care less about their names, really) and an organized group of Ghouls decide to invade and destroy everything. The Council of the Round Table is stuck in the meeting room on the top floor, and freaking out because apparently they are important people I totally knew it, however Alucard, Seras and Walter (Integra’s badass butler) assure them that they will take care of things.
Alright, now get your gore mood ready, because you’re about to see pretty much the most disgusting scenes ever for basically the rest of the episode. First episode made me laugh because there was tons of blood and sadistic moments and I just found it funny, but this episode, oh man it was sick. Basically, the piercing dude kills everyone in the bloodiest way possible and then makes it even lovelier by eating limbs and squishing eyeballs for fun, while the ghouls around him are enjoying themselves by feasting on every corpse in sight. It doesn’t end there, though. Cool-looking dude, being a FUCKING IDIOT courageous and brave, decides to go see Alucard and believes he can actually kick his ass That won’t happen, dude. He basically gets owned and makes Alucard falsely believe that he is a fun person to kill, until Alucard learns he was deceived and destroys him completely,killing him sadistically in the most disgusting and scariest way possible To be honest, his attack seriously made me shiver and yet I’m not targeted in any way. Of course, let’s not forget the traditional heads being chopped off, limbs flying and an unconditional amount of blood spurting out everywhere, but I was already pretty used to that considering the first episode was pretty graphic as well.
Don't you dare start thinking you're stronger than Alucard... Because THIS happens.

Anyways, PiercingDude finally gets to the Council room after fighting with Walter and Seras, however he gets completely owned by the council members who shoot him about 20 times each Adding more blood to the gore fest. Before he gets caught though, Integra catches a glimpse of her own men having been transformed as Ghouls, and Seras is about to get eaten by those men when she finally goes back into psychotic mode and starts eliminating every Ghoul in sight. She is stopped by Integra because I don’t think she wants Seras to be as psychotic as Alucard Aww, and she also wants her men to die in the least painful way as possible … But it’s so enjoyable to watch! Meanwhile, PiercingDude is being interrogated by Walter, however he is eliminated at a distance by his evil boss whom we don’t know who he is yet glares before he can say anything more than “Millenium”. In the end of the episode, we learn that basically all of Integra’s men were killed, except those on vacation, her butler, Seras and of course Alucard he just can’t die…
As for the Millenium hint, basically Walter goes out of his way to learn about it, looking through every museum, contacting tons and tons of people, finds nothing, and when he finally reports to Integra in order to tell her that there is no info, she figures out what the organization is in less than a minute: IT’S THE NAZIS! gaspOf course, you had to make your butler run around like a maniac beforehand just for laugh…
nomnomnom I feast on the goodness of this show 😀 Yes, it’s possible… Well, in my head it is. Seriously, so far it has the perfect balance between plot and gore. Everything is incredibly disgusting, which is the reason why people watch horror, yet there is actually a point to the story and I know for a fact that all of today’s episode was really important and had a lot to do with the actual storyline of the show. There’s lots of gore and lots of plot, so far the only thing missing is a little bit more character development!

Talking about characters, as much as they haven’t developed much, they sure are incredibly badass in every possible way. I mean, Alucard is definitely on top of the list and his second gun just made him look even more badass, but Walter freaking owns also and Seras just earned my respect when she started using that sniper. It’s so awesome and I love it! Heck, in this episode even Integra had some badassness into her when she shot PiercingDude. EVERYTHING IS SO BADASSSSSSSSS 😀 I love this show!
To end this whole section about characters, Jan, the piercing dude, is so incredibly disgusting. I mean, he eats people, he gets aroused when killing people, he gouges out someone’s eye out for fun, and I’m not even talking about his extremely vulgar way of speaking and his masturbation methods yet Using a dead person’s hand for it is just plain sick. I’ll admit it, it makes him a good bad guy though… Bad guys are meant to be hated.

And I thought Alucard enjoyed his job too much...

Now, for the main plot… Seriously? Nazis? Come on, at least be original and make up another organization… That was a big flaw right there, in my opinion, and totally unoriginal. On another, more positive note about the plot, I’m glad we’ve finally seen the main boss’ face now, and the story is very slowly finding its way on the screen amongst liters and liters and liters of blood.

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