That’s basically what the whole episode was about. Alucard. Is. Psychotic.
Considering the Hellsing organization has lost basically all of its members last episode, Integra has decided this time to hire a group of mercenaries who seem to be ready for any kind of work. The mercenaries accept and have trouble believing that Seras is a vampire until she owns their captain with 2 fingers proves herself. Alucard then shows up, freaks out the mercenaries, and it is right after this humoristic scene that Integra receives a letter from Iscariot, Vatican Section XIII dramatic music playing in the background.


She goes to the museum and meets the leader of Iscariot, Maxwell, and Seras manages to prevent a fight between Alucard and Anderson, who were there to protect their leader. Both leaders then go to a cafe by themselves and discuss, and it is then confirmed by Maxwell that the Millenium organization is, in fact, the Nazis. Integra doesn’t wait long and already sends out an order to Alucard. He is to go wherever Millenium is (right now, in Rio de Janeiro), and to “Search and Destroy” Ohhh, I can totally see where this is going 😀. He goes to the hotel, we learn that Alucard also has hypnotism skills he can do just about anything, that guy… and it doesn’t take long before Alucard is targeted as a terrorist.
Of course, our favourite psychotic vampire takes the order gladly and destroys everyone in sight with much pleasure in a terribly sadistic way, obviously. After much killing and a small but pretty cool fight with the boss of the attack a crazy vampire who believes he’s stronger than Alucard, of course he isn’t and fails miserably, the Hellsing vampire owns him as well. Meanwhile, the Evil Boss Nazi (It would help if I could know his name -_-‘) rejoices at Alucard’s strength, and he seems to believe that Alucard is a main key point in his plan (apparently he wants to create a war, from what I’ve recollected anyways…). After the fight, he decides to move and we learn that his main base is in fact a gigantic hot air balloon thingy if I use the real word, it would technically be a blimp, and he is now hiding in the sky.
The summary for this episode was really short for something that lasted for 50 minutes, however most of it was all about Alucard and how psychotic his ways of accomplishing missions is. Of course, they also had to show us an example with lovely images of humans being killed over and over again sadisticallywhich I liked a lot.
We have, however, met up with a new character, and he seems as badass as all the others. Bernadotte, the Captain of the mercenary group, seems like a pretty sweet guy, and his way of carelessly making the police tent explode in this episode was really cool and makes me believe that he deserves to be part of the psychotic Hellsing organization.
Alright, so in this episode Alucard basically had the starring role. He killed, laughed, killed and laughed some more. I loved the reference to Dracula (For those who hadn’t noticed, Alucard spelled backwards is Dracula) with the humans being impaled one by one. Seras was barely present in this episode, and although Integra’s order to Alucard when he called was pretty sweet the other characters didn’t shine as much as our favourite Vampire psycho. Once again, tons of blood, tons of limbs flying, it was a lovely episode.
On a side note, the Nazi Boss scares me O.O. Seriously, just his talk about war and how happy he is that Alucard kills everything makes me believe that he’s even more deranged than Alucard Yes, yes, someone to be more psychotic than Alucard seems hard to believe but that’s my point of view.