Houkago no Pleiades (ONA)

Wait what? What just happened?

A short story about a girl named Subaru, who suddenly finds herself possessing magical powers that allowed her to enter spaces that were locked by magic barriers. She meets a boy with a weak body named Minato who turns out to be the enemy of the new magical girl group she agreed to join.

For starters, those who have no idea what ONA stands for it’s “Original Net Animation” which means the anime is usually aired on the internet, in this case it was Youtube.
Well nobody really knew what to expect out of this for as all we were told before we got to get a glimpse of the promo that the production was involved with a car company. Therefore alot of people started thinking, “Wait this is about cars?” when it is actually a shoujo, magical girl story with a tiny bit of romance. Anyways so for Houkago no Pleiades, each episode was 8 minutes long, there are four so adding that together, watching back to back makes it 32 minutes, a little bit longer than a typical anime. From what I heard, 4 episodes is all we’re going to get.
Overall, I wasn’t expecting much to begin with because I hadn’t had a clue what the hell this was going to be about! But after seeing the potential in the plot and character development I find it rather disappointing that this isn’t going to be a series. The characters were fairly interesting, what they certainly did was well keep Subaru just as lost as we were – that is until the last face off with Minato who was apparently a star – yet this may no sense whatsoever because nothing was explained, and then we suddenly learn that Subaru was also a star – so I was like, “WUT?” they could have at least explained that nor bothered to do that since it just created even more confusion.
If it had, I think for one, everything wouldn’t have been so random nor rushed. I think it would have been far more enjoyable if that were the case and I would have definitely covered it. What of the few things I loved about Houkago no Pleiades was the animation, I really did. It was so beautiful and I loved the quality of the work and characters designs. Moreover the ED was just fantastic, it was almost like browsing through a fanbook to see fanarts! They were gorgeous, I also liked how they included the original and current character designs.
Is it worth to watch?
It’s a yes and no answer from me. I suppose I would recommend you to check this out when you are bored and have the time. Otherwise you could really watch something else that is far more enjoyable that isn’t 8 minutes per episode and ends with only four.


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  1. IT’S SOOOO SHORT!!!! D: I wish it could have actually been a real anime, it felt rushed and short… I WANT MORE! D: Like, an actual TV series… Unfortunately that won’t happen XD

    1. You never know. The ED was almost like it was promoting itself, so the idea might get around so that someone else will green-lit it, unless they were also testing to see how people would react and know whether it’s worth the investment to have it official.

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