Hourou Musuko Episode 5

The group gather at Chiba’s house to work on the script over the summer. Chi brought cake and everything was going just fine (not in Chiba’s perspective anyways) until Fumiya showed up, blurting out, identifying Nitori as the cross-dresser. Takatsuki immediately gets pissed off with Fumiya feeling that he had put Nitori in an uncomfortable situation although it didn’t bother him too much since he wasn’t exactly sure how to react. Chi on the other-hand enthusiastically asks Nitori whether it’s true or not. Takatsuki stands up for Nitori once more angrily telling Chi to back off and leaves. Chi apologizes, not wanting to had made Nitori uncomfortable intentionally. Days pass and finally the script has been completed. Chi brings over fireworks for the group to use for their celebration. Once back in story, much to Chiba’s dismay the roles are being chosen by a draw. In the end she and Ariga gets the main roles as Romeo and Juliet. Chiba visibly shows that she is annoyed that Ariga got the role of Romeo. She tries to push him into giving the role to Nitori, at the same time she announced at she wants to apply changes to the play causing every character to die. Unfortunately for her, the teacher declines her suggestion and manages to talk her out of it (more like beg if you will despite it being off screen).
The rehearsals begins, Ariga is exstremely nervous – unable to speak the lines properly. Some students start laughing at him but Chiba immediately makes them shut up by performing her role. After she leaves the classroom Ariga goes after her and thanks and apologizes to her for his poor performance. Chiba declares that she will become Romeo and do a perfect job on stage, otherwise she will feel miserable again. Ariga decides that he will definitely become Juilet.

This was rather an interesting episode because of Chiba’s childhood friend Fumiya accidently identified Nitori as a crossdresser causing a who commotion amongst the group. Chi on the other hand was one of the ones who didn’t know about this, react not in a disgust like some people may have reacted but more enthusiastically interested. Her friend Momo, we didn’t quite get a reaction from her but more of, “Huh? What is this about?
As for the play, perhaps we should have saw it coming with the teacher’s attitude wanting it to be fair by it’s drawing out of a box for the roles. In the end Chiba’s wish to god came true and received the role as Romeo. However much to her dismay Ariga was the one who ended up getting Juliet. But thankfully by the end of the episode she had come to accept him having the role (despite he is still extremely nervous and messes up while rehearsing), so I’m looking forward to their development, not as a pairing but as good friends where as they can rely on each other. Throughout the episode all the way till the end, I felt bad for Chiba because not once did she smile. A smile really suits her best, it’s too bad she is so negative about everything and is constantly angry. It would be great if she can somehow get around this. I also kind of found it funny when Nitori didn’t get the role, she decided she would vent her frustration into make the play into a devastating tragedy where every single character dies and evereything will be dark.
Nitori he was clearly ncomfortable when Chi was pressing for more information, but the positive note is she wasn’t making fun of him and I’m certain he’s aware of that, just not mentally prepared for it.. He’s also disappointed that he isn’t Juliet but he isn’t letting it bother him too much either. Also I think he understands now that the little mascot accessory Anna got him was not an insult because she had one herself. It was pretty funny when the girl inspected Takatsuki and took a picture, she really likes doing that. I can’t imagine the amount of photos she must have in that phone of hers!
Preview: Next week the play will begin, will Ariga keep the role (despite saying he will) or will it be entrusted to Nitori?


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