I should stop ranting about this guy. I really should. But I can't help myself when I witness his FAILURE as a Romance Show character.

Following last week’s confrontation, we come back this episode to learn that we never actually see what the guys talked about HMPF. So unfair and we are back to Sawako’s thoughts about the conversation. Once again, because of Kazehaya’s stupid “Forget it”, she misunderstands and has a humongous brainfuck, feeling sad and embarassed because she thought it meant something else It did, STUPID KAZEHAYA!
Oh, look at that, it then turns out that we actually do see the confrontation between love rivals Yaaaay! FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT! Just like I mention in my abusive strikeout, we do in fact witness a psychological fight, and Miura tries to get Kazehaya into “knowing” to him, there’s no way Kazehaya would like Kuronuma and he doesn’t want her to get false expectations that he would only harm her by talking to her. The conversation ends as Miura asks Kazehaya if he likes anyone, and if he could help him go out with her, to which Kazehaya replies “NO WAAAAI” and then leaves, angry. Afterwards, Kazehaya thinks back at the conversation, however doesn’t understand anything because he’s a complete idiot.
Back to Chizu and Ayane, Chizu is trying on a dress!!! …Huh? What?!?! IS IT POSSIBLE?!?!?!?!?!? Oh, it’s for Tohru’s wedding. Makes sense. She then meets Kazehaya on the way back, and he asks her if he doesn’t understand Sawako. Chizuru replies a clear “no” because he doesn’t realize Sawako likes her, and she also mentions how different they technically are from each other socially at school. The scene changes and we then witness Kazehaya almost ignoring Kuronuma and barely saying hi to her, while Chizu and Ayane see this and wonder what happened Yeah, really. What happened?! They decide to harass ask Sawako directly, and Ayane bitchslaps talks to Sawako and tells her that she could have done many things. Sawako, however, is really scared and doesn’t want Kazehaya to hate her. After comforting her, Ayane then goes to harass and bitchslap talk to Kazehaya as well, and after this Chizu wonders what happened and then we learn about her that she never figured out who Kazehaya liked since the beginning of the story. Ayane tells her, and prevents her from going around telling everyone, Kazehaya included. Afterwards, Chizu realizes her failure mistake from before when she was talking to Kazehaya, and since she doesn’t want to survive and not get killed by Ayane decides to go fix it.
OMFG OMFG DID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE WHAT I DID?! It's Chibi Kazehaya and Ryuu!!!!!!!

The episode ends as Miura helps Sawako once again into being integrated with everyone See? He helps her, instead of making her sad D:. Stoopid Kazehaya doesn’t understand that, though.
You see, I know what this whole show is about. I know it’s all about Kazehaya and Sawako becoming a couple, and moreover the main character is very intriguing and learns tons of things along the way. That’s the basic storyline of the show. There is also some nice humour, amazing secondary characters, and it is usually very cute to see how Sawako thinks and how she wants to be more integrated in her school life. I find all that really cute and funny….
However, ever since the second season started, there has been one thing that has been bothering me TO NO END. Kazehaya is not a good guy to fall in love with. Or at least, not for shoujo romances where the guys are usually perfect. As “social” and as “kind” as Kazehaya was portrayed in the beginning, we now see his only defining features being completely overthrown by his new rival, Miura Kent. Yes, he is shy, yes he doesn’t have any experiences with a girl, however a guy that “popular” shouldn’t act like this and he doesn’t act the way his personality was portrayed in the beginning. Moreover, he’s supposed to be kind and yet whatever he does is stare at Sawako and stare some more. Once in a while he says good things, then he comes and tells Sawako to forget about it. And then he stares. I mean, come on, get some balls!
…Anyways. I’m done my rant. Now let’s get to the actual review.
Don't bother asking. Just accept it.

This week’s episode had a lot of small things happening, however nothing major really happened. It was a lot of thinking, a lot of misunderstandings, a lot of build-up scenes, however there was nothing major, really. As usual, there wasn’t much humour in this, however the small bits we saw were absolutely hilarious! Chizu’s stupidity made my day, COMPLETELY. I can’t believe after all this time she hadn’t figured out that Kazehaya liked Sawako -_-‘… That’s just plain pathetic. But funny nonetheless.
As for Ayane, I love her radical methods! She might look like a mean person but in fact she’s really nice and tries her best to help out Sawako and Kazehaya, from behind the scenes. She realizes that being too pushy wouldn’t be good, however helps out just as much as she should to get Sawako and Kazehaya together She’s experienced 🙂.
You know, with the small 2 scenes that we witnessed about Kurumi and Miura, I’m starting to believe that another couple is forming. I mean, they used to be in the same class, and so far Kurumi’s pretty much the only one who doesn’t have a soon-to-be partner. I’d kinda feel bad for Miura if that were to happen though, seeing him be completely honest and nice, whereas she’s a complete bitch when she wants something that she can’t have… Ah well Miura can’t get Sawako anyways, because she’s all over this stupid other guy that’s so pathetic I don’t even feel like mentoning his name anymore.
Alright, now I can understand how people could start hating Miura right now, after his little confrontation with Kazehaya after all he kinda helped to bring them apart, however his reasoning is completely innocent and he’s not an actual asshole like Kurumi was when she was the enemy. I mean, he seriously believes that Kazehaya doesn’t like Sawako. After all, it’s true that they don’t necessarily act like they’re anything at school. Or, now, even outside of school or barely. So, for Miura, he just doesn’t know that Kazehaya likes Sawako, and since they are from completely different worlds he doesn’t think it possible. So he actually wants Sawako not to be hurt in the end. His intentions are good, inside.
d'Awww, I miss Maru-chan! I wanna see him D: