Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 Episode 6: You can forget all about my rants from the last 3 episodes :D

Sorry for the late post, it might only be a day late but after viewing this episode I actually feel bad for not having posted right away….

After Miura’s very unexpected confession, Kazehaya has appeared in order to get Sawako all to himself! GO, GO, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!
Immediately after seeing Sawako cry, Kazehaya blames Miura Kent for it It has to be his fault, gee, he’s stealing his soon to be girlfriend away… I sense some jealousy… Just sayin’ and assaults him for it. Sawako turns around and says that he was trying to cheer her up, and Kent then supports her statement and an intense love drama mood is about to start off when the world explodes 3 of Kazehaya’s friends show up and decide to ruin the mood (Ok, I know my fantasy and reality was entirely different, but come on, if the world exploded, wouldn’t that be a great twist? Just kidding :P). Kazehaya suddenly decides, however, to bring back that mood and states in front of them that he likes Sawako YAAAAAAAAAAAAY, HE’S CONFESSING!!! OMFG HE’S CONFESSIIIING!!!!, which also puts Kent back in his place.
After the 3 freaking idiotsguys are told this, Sawako turns to Kazehaya and tells him that he can’t say that, because people might take it the wrong way and actually think that he likes her HE DOES. when he only wanted to protect her HE LIKES YOU. The 3 idiots

Bwahaha, facepalm.

then tell Sawako that it’s obvious Kazehaya only meant it as a friend, there’s no way they would take it the wrong way GRRRRWAAAAAAA GO DIIIIIIIIE!!!!! If you hurt mah poor Sawako again I’ll find a way to go through the screen and punch you in the face!. Kazehaya tries to protect her again This time he’s not as forceful and epic, though, and then leaves, with Sawako running after him.
She catches up to him and all of a sudden starts crying again, because there’s absolutely no way yes way that Kazehaya did might have meant it the romantic way of liking her. She then starts apologizing to him, and Kazehaya literally facepalms and then confesses again, this time asking for an answer. Sawako takes it the wrong way again, and says that she doesn’t like him the same way he does because she still thinks he does doesn’t like her romantically. The first half ends and they are both crying in their corner, while everyone starts worrying about where they might be.
Pin, walking around where Sawako was, sees hers and starts talking to her. After a while, he figures out that Sawako was rejected by Kazehaya, and as he fails tries to comfort her Chizu and Ayane show up, beat him up and Pin leaves. They learn of what happened, and Chizu gets pissed at Sawako because she brings herself down too much. Ayane manages to cheer up Sawako afterwards, however doesn’t tell her that the girl Kazehaya likes is her but rather tells her how important she is to everyone.Sawako, finally feeling a little better, wonders if she has actually been trying her best with Kazehaya.

…And that’s how the episode ends?!?! But so much of it was left hanging!!!!! O__O
Anyways, to move on… WOOOOHHOOOOOOO KAZEHAYA CONFESSED!!! Now the problem is Sawako… That might take a while… AM SO HAPPEHHH!!!
Alright, so I know I ranted and ranted and ranted and ranted some more about how Kazehaya was becoming a pathetic little wimp who didn’t do shit all and only stared at Sawako from afar, making her believe that it seriously wasn’t going to work takes a breath, but this time he redeemed himself finally. He’s back on track to the way they portrayed him in the first season, and I can finally start kinda liking him now not more than Kent, but that’s just me and my obsession of energetic bishounen 😀. I was surprised when he confessed, was even more surprised when he reconfessed, and I liked the fact that he also said it in front of many people in order to protect Sawako. It was surprising and yes, I have to say it pretty cute, considering he was protecting his love!
Now the problem seems to lie in Sawako. A girl who, ever since she was small, has always been put down and has never been actually liked by many people, still believes that it is the case now and doesn’t seem to believe that she can actually get a guy like Kazehaya. I can totally understand her in a way, I mean, with what she went through and with  her personality… No matter what that girl does I don’t think I’ll ever be able to hate her This is so biased but I don’t care 😛.This has also made Kazehaya sad now, and so basically, on one side we have Sawako who keeps saying “I got rejected!!!” and on the other side we’ve got Kazehaya who keeps saying “I got rejected!!!”. Wait, what? Yeah, exactly. It makes no sense. Sawako, please accept the fact that Kazehaya likes you! … Please?
Now, about the technical stuff, I just realized it but the background music for humour is so traditional of Kimi ni Todoke and clearly recognizable, I love it. I also liked how it was such a sad episode, and yet there was tons of humour put into the show and it lightened up the episode much more. I also noticed a little bit of 3D animation in there, and it wasn’t really misplaced or anything and so that was fine It just shows that the producers put more money into the show, and money always means good things… Most of the time anyways. The art was interesting, to be honest I was never really impressed by the art in Kimi ni Todoke since it always seemed kinda sketchy compared to some other shows, but it’s very different and I got used to it after a while.
And so with this, I end my review and I shall see you next week, as we continue on this INCREDIBLE cliffhanger!!

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  1. I can usually tolerate a couple not getting together the first few episodes but golly gee whiz. For a relationship-focused anime, it sure is taking a while! Sawako should get over herself. I can understand Kazehaya’s reason for taking it slow (he doesn’t want to scare Sawako), but Sawako’s been jumping to conclusions left and right this season! aklds;jfaskdf JUST GET TOGETHER OKAY. Impatient fans growing more impatient.
    That said, I hope you saw my most recent comment on your last KnT post! Please delete this comment (the first one with my last name tacked on) for privacy reasons:
    Thank you!

    1. I didn’t delete it, but instead edited out your last name. Let me know if you want me to delete it permanently. Also, as long as you aren’t posting as Anonymous you should be able to edit your comment.

      1. That would do nicely, thanks! But you don’t have to delete it. I can’t seem to edit comments that aren’t on my own blog. If you know how to, please let me know!

      2. Hm… because when commenting in other blogs that also use wordpress I’m able to do so. Maybe it’s the server they are using, I’m not entirely sure. The (EDIT) button should be beside the date of your comment.

      3. I don’t see an edit button here though, so you’re probably right. Maybe it’s because this blog is registered under and not a foreign server. Thanks for all your help!

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