Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 Episode 7: DOUBLE REJECTION O_O


In this episode, preparations are being made for the school festival. Chizu and Ayane are inside the school with the girls, worrying about Sawako who’s out somewhere crying because she thinks she’s being rejected and Ryuu is outside with the guys, worrying about Kazehaya who’s out somewhere crying because he thinks he got rejected… Yeah, I know, it makes no sense. Ryuu decides to go around and look for his best friend, he finds him and is told Kazehaya’s point of view, why he thinks was rejected and all that. Kurumi hears the conversation what a fucking stalker, thinks “WTF!” because she knows Sawako likes Kazehaya, then goes directly to ask the girl concerned, who tells her she was rejected, sending Kurumi into a huge fit. She basically tells her: You’re an idiot, Kazehaya likes you in a more obscure way, obviously, go tell him directly that you love him, I don’t wanna talk to you anymore because you piss me off pretty much.
Now at home, Sawako is washing the dishes and thinking about Kazehaya when she gets invited to Chizu’s house to make costumes for the festival, where she pulls out a friendship speech to Chizu Yaaaay, more love!. Meanwhile, Kazehaya gets harassed by Pin while he is at school borrowing the float in order to work on it after school. Pin tells him he’s an asshole that he rejected Kuronuma, and Kazehaya replies that he’s the one who got rejected, which throws Pin into a huge mindfuck, then into an “I don’t care” mood It was too much for his simple mind, I think.
At school the next day,Kent sees Sawako and yells out “I’M SORRY! KAZEHAYA MIGHT LIKE YOU, AFTER ALL!!” You’re kinda late, dude, and Sawako replies that it’s not the “like” everyone thinks it is. As she says this, Kazehaya shows up and hears this, then kinda ignores her and leaves. Ryuu then passes by Sawako and basically says the same thing as Kurumi, in one sentence and with an expressionless face, minus the “I hate you” part Epic economy of words. Meanwhile, Chizu and Ayane are busy beating up Kent, and then Kurumi comes along, beats up Kent even more, and Ayane finishes him off with a verbal insult, which makes him half-depressed You just got owned. The episode ends while Sawako is in the library and realizes that she actually hasn’t been trying hard enough.
Ok, I’m sorry, but I can’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of this. The concept of this episode was too hilarious. This double rejection makes me laugh, and the fact that now everyone kinda knows what happened is just, in my opinion, really funny. Oh noes! Sawako was rejected! Oh noes, Kazehaya was rejected! …Wait, what? Yeah, exactly. LOL.

Frankly speaking, I don’t think I can ever get mad at Sawako. She pulled off so much cuteness so far I just can’t help but like her, and I always will. But, also frankly speaking, this time the misunderstanding is totally her fault and it’s taking a while for everything to finally be put in place and for her and Kazehaya to finally GO OUT!! I’ll admit it, this season was pretty slow and not as interesting as the first one. Then again, they kinda needed a second season, because the first one totally gave us a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE ending for a shoujo anime, and they seriously needed to give it a sequel.
But anyways, back to the actual episode. Kurumi’s two dramatic explosions were pretty nice, it seems as though that’s all she can do, explode on people and tell them that they’re idiots. Surprisingly, it actually wakes people up and both Sawako and Kent got her words like a slap in the face plus an actual slap in the face for Kent. As for Kent, the way Ayane shut him down also kinda shut me down about how much I liked him because he was a “good guy”, but apart from that his declaration to Sawako before that was still pretty funny and just shows how loud he is, which makes it hilarious.
…I swear, I laughed too much during this episode, much more than I should have… Ah well. Not like I care anyways.

2 thoughts on “Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 Episode 7: DOUBLE REJECTION O_O

  1. I actually enjoyed this episode a lot. I really sensed the involvement of all the characters (not just the main ones) and ended up loving them even more! Ayane and Chizu were darlings to behold as per usual, but a special mention goes out to Kent, Kurumi and Pin whose personalities are absolutely precious.
    So excited for the next episode! I hope it’s as funny as this one.

    1. Of course! All the characters are basically there for that reason, to help out and support our 2 inexperienced puppies when they’re sad. As for the next few episodes, trust me, you probably won’t be deceived! 🙂 This season is only a half season so the show will definitely move on pretty quickly from now on.
      I love Pin, he just kinda pops in once in a while and unconsciously changes the whole story… He makes Kazehaya act, he tells him the right stuff at the right time, yet he never actually knows it…

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