Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? episode 5: The Broken heart of a Zombie


Aikawa has a date with Kyoko, he is quite excited about it but after meeting her she reveals something unexpected to Aikawa that break his heart.


The beginning of this episode had me so confused. I was certain that the obvious conversation that could be so easily be interpreted as foreplay was just the anime way of making us think dirty while in fact both Sera and Haruna would be doing something innocent. But they didn’t even tried that, Sera and Haruna just straight up kissed in front of Eucliwood with Aikawa peeping near.

Always give blood, it saves people
I wouldn't mind having my blood sucked too

Turns out Sera needs blood to survive, something to do with her being a Vampire and kissing someone is an anesthetic before she can suck their blood. In the end I don’t really care why she does it, it successfully kept me entertained and interested. But this is not the end, this episode was heavily packed with nudity and other stuff I like. Mere moments after the kiss Aikawa gets to see Haruna naked AND Haruna gives him the pleasure to see everything when she performs a high jump kick.

Look at the light at the end of the tunnel
I don't care how much it would hurt, I wish I was Aikawa

But this is not all, just to make sure you will stay stiff the very next scene involves the three girl taking a bath together.

I mean come on, this show is getting quite the tease, If at least it was an Hentai it would have been a great plot, but unfortunately I don’t watch the show for the perverted parts (that’s what I try to make others believe at least) I watch it for the possibly awesome plot.

Anyway while the girl are enjoying themselves in the bathroom, Aikawa receives a call from Dai-sensei, she proceeds to tell her that what Haruna was supposed to come and get on her mission was tofu from Kyoto, but the girl has such a hard time remembering names that she believed she had to find fear in Tokyo. Aikawa decided to call Kyoko and ask her to bring tofu. Now is the part where I began to be confused, since at the end of the last episode we saw Kyoko covered in blood. Might be my memory imagining things, but still, I’m confused there. Is this a plot hole? or is this just a twist that will be resolved later on in the story? I don’t know.

So anyway, they meet up at the cemetery because that’s where Aikawa feels the best and Kyoko doesn’t seem to mind meeting someone during the night in the middle of a resting ground. Kyoko always seemed interested in Aikawa, but that night she didn’t seem interested, she looked horny. Well at least she did until she broke Aikawa’s heart…literaly.

I'm only gonna break break a break break your heart
That girl is a real heart breaker

She reveals that she IS the serial killer from the very beginning. She is in fact a Vampire – Maso-shoujo – Immortal – Evil- Megalo. And she is so powerful that she’s able to nearly defeat Haruna, Sera and Aikawa at the same time. But Aikawa finally turn into his cute little dress and use his cuteness power ( or more like pervert cos-player power) to immobilize Kyoko. Sera was able to use this chance to pierce this devil thought the heart.

But she is just as immortal as Aikawa, and comes back alive saying she still has 10 more lives, SHE IS A VIDEO GAME BOSS ! but a new hero appears to challenge her, it is Hellscythe herself, coming to help her friends.

To be continued…

Things I liked about this episode:

  • Lots of Nudity, I have a thing for naked ladies

  • Kyoko revealed she is the killer, that’s a plot twist I never saw coming, since I believed she was dead.

  • There is some evil in Dai-sensei voices, I am eager to know more about her.


That episode was well divided, one half ecchi, one half plot twist and action. I enjoyed both parts even if I felt the ecchi was getting over the top at some point. But nonetheless this show never cease to surprise me. I’m just confused about the whole Kyoko was dead but not really thing. I know she as many lives and therefore even if she had died there she would have been reborn, but still why would she be dead in the first place?

Anyway, we shall leave those unanswered question for the next episode, until then make sure that tent in your pants gets down, it is quite disturbing.

ZeroG signing off

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