A princess from a planet that is entirely female comes to Earth to look for a suitable mate. Captain Kraft desperately tries to prevent a romance from blooming between a human being and the princess.
… Okay this is probably one of the worst episodes yet. I did not laugh, I was not amused, it was boring and there were some errors that made me go, “WTF?”
Number one, I thought Princess Saki and Mikihisa couldn’t understand each other! Then all the sudden Saki and Mikihisa magically understands every word they were sayng to each other. Hello, what was the point of Mr. Kraft translating for the two if it were just going to end up like that?
Next corny romance of love at first sight only to be led to a twist where Mikihisa is actually a girl. Aside from that I think it may  have been more interesting with Colin being the one who the princess fell in love with. I think there would have been more humor and not so corny scenes – but then again it would have probably been unavoidable one way or another.
Overall I was not impressed, even more so I’m not pleased to see that this story is continuing into the next episode. Perhaps it will be more interesting now that we and the princess knows that Mikihisa is a girl and that according to the preview Prince Baka will be back, which is a good thing for me.
I have nothing more to say about this episode.


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