King Complex: Won't get you anywhere in Life

With the battle between Aki and Yusei has ended, Yusei discovers that his signer mark did not vanish and is now permanent.  He then immediately goes to warn his friends to evacuate the dome knowing that it’s going to get even more dangerous. Only when they try to, Yeager appears telling them to return to their seats otherwise something unimaginable will happen to Yusei’s kidnapped Satellite friends. In the mean time Yusei goes to confront Godwin taking out the security while he’s at it. He angrily questions why Godwin wants him so badly and what is he trying to achieve. Jack reveals that the purpose of the Fortune Cup is to summon the Crimson Dragon, at the same time he reveals that he knew all long that despite gaining the ticket from Godwin to enter New Domino by having both his Red Demon Dragon plus Yusei’s Stardust, didn’t change the main point of that was to lure Yusei there knowing that he wouldn’t accept the invitation from him to begin with. Finally, with everything explained, before both Jack and Yusei returns to the field where they start the final battle of the Fortune Cup, Jack tells Godwin to release the hostages so that he doesn’t have to fight Yusei “shackled down”. During Jack can’t help but feel frustrated for while he had given up everything, his friends, his hometown, Yusei hasn’t had to sacrifice anything in order to get into New Domino and becomes even more determined to take Yusei down.


Well that was quite a flashback episode. So now we understand how Jack got into the city in the first place. Other than that, Yusei totally owned the security guards. That was epic!!!!! YUSEI I LOVE YOU FOR BEING AWESOME!!!! WHAM BAM! If it weren’t for Yeager blackmailing Himuro would probably would have gotten a sweet scene where he punches all the guards! *RAISES HAND* I’m all for that.

Wow people really should question the security, I mean preventing everyone from leaving. That’s bullshit – even more ridiculous just because they are involved with Yusei. I mean I get that they’d want to keep Ruka there, but really? Whatever. Godwin and Yeager, you both failed the security examination.
About Jack now… Jack, Jack, Jack you are so god damn stupid. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jack, I don’t hate his character but really? Even knowing that Godwin is up to no good, he decide to continue working with him, jeopardizing not only Yusei’s so-called Friends (which I do not consider HIS friends) but everyone in the public because he is willing to summon the fucking Crimson Dragon. What kind of idiot is he?
So, because Jack decided to be a selfish bastard with his King Complex, he created a situation where Yusei was forced to make a choice. Now this is probably the most important part of the episode: In the world of YGO we know and understand that for some people, their cards are very special to the point they are willing to put their lives on the line to protect it. Here we were given a situation where Yusei had to choose between,
A) Saving his friend Rally as result losing his precious Stardust AND D-Wheel.
B) Look at Jack  and say, “YOU SON OF A BITCH” and punch him – in hopes to knock him out, THEN save Rally
C) Ignore Rally and walk away from Jack
Of course Yusei, because the kind of guy he is – doesn’t hesitate to toss aside his deck and jump into the water to save Rally. Therefore chose option A, while Jack takes Stardust Dragon and his D-Wheel. What a selfish bastard with a King Complex. And now he’s all pissed off that Yusei is also taking this path only not having to sacrifice anything. But here’s the thing Jack, in order to get out did you ever have to deal with the followings:
Get arrested, marked, tortured, end up being indebted to a pair of twelve years old, stalked by both Ushio (the cop) and Godwin, blackmailed, oh did I mention torture? YES, SO MAYBE HE DIDN’T HAVE TO SACRIFICE ANYTHING, BUT HE CERTAINLY FORCED TO TAKE THE DIFFICULT PATH.


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