Yusei is quickly thrown into a pinch when Freezing Fitzegerald is a monster that has a nasty effect after being revived in defense mode. By summoning Nitro Warrior and taking advantage of its own effects, Yusei wraps up the battle and discovers that the opponent had no memory of their duel, nor had the Dark Tuner/Synchro monsters in their deck. With the security popping up the see what was the commotion, Yusei flees leaving Carly who witnessed the duel and had filmed it and the innocent victim to be questioned. Later on, when Yusei returns back to Saiga’s place he announces he will return to Satellite to investigate further, right on the cue the security arrives. Yusei decides to take advantage of this situation and demand them to take him directly to Godwin.


With that battle concluded, poor Carly is thrown into a situation where not only the Security took her scoop and used it for themselves – more specifically Godwin who is shown speaking to an anonymous figure during a call. I do wonder if that mystery person will play a role in the future. On the other hand, Yusei running off leaving Carly and the other guy to deal with the securities was pretty funny. I’m also glad he didn’t use Stardust, but then again Nitro Warrior was the key to defeating the temporary Dark Signer.
While it was an interesting episode, it certainly boring. What caught my interest was how more cults are showing up in Satellite possessing people making them like mindless zombies. Moreover Yusei is seriously concerned so he wants to get back to his city as soon as possible. Instead the sore-loser cop shows up wanting to take Yusei into custody. Yusei of course as badass as he is takes as a good timing and demands the guy to take him to see Godwin. So we’ll getting some answers from Godwin next episode, while at the time time as regarded in the preview, Jack will back on his feet.
Gah, I really don’t have much to say. Probably because I’m feeling exhausted.


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