Stomach Punch, it's all part of the greeting.

Yusei reunites with a good friend of his Crow, and fills him out what has been happening recently. Yusei notices that Satellite has become very scare. Crow explains there has been weirdos popping out dragging people to the deepest part of Satellite. In the mean time back in Neo Domino, Jack grows more frustrated with his loss against Yusei and the fact the truth gotten out that he too is originally from Satellite and sneaks out while Carly is trying to work and getting scolded by her boss. Hoping to maybe get something out of Jack, she goes to his room to see if he’s up to it, only to see he is gone.

Back in Satellite, Yusei and Crow head back to Yusei’s base where they reunite with Rally and the other guys. Just when they greeted each other the security tracked down Crow and forces everyone to run for it as the security drops tear gas into the base. Crow tells them up at the Daedalus Bridge while he trails the security away. Yusei not wanting to be left out of the fun joins him to mess around with the cops.

You guys sound awfully confident knowing you're going against the new King.

Carly goes out searching for Jack and quickly finds him trying to get into the monorail station only unable to enter because he didn’t have a ticket (nor did he understand how the machines worked), people start mumbling about whether that was the Jack who was previously king. Carly quickly enters the scene and drags him away claiming that he was just an ordinary guy, not the former king. After get out, Carly scolds him for leaving the house when his injuries haven’t healed yet. She also warned him that if he was just going to going around the area he’ll create a huge commotion. Frustrated because she needs a scoop, Carly decides to step it up declaring that he doesn’t appreciate the fact that she took him in and took care of him so decided to make a public announcement act where he quickly pulls her back and tells her he’ll go out with her for a little bit. Pleased that the plan worked, she next got him to wear some different clothes, glasses and a hat to disguise himself. Wanting to get a story out of him, Carly decides to try and have Jack to relax a bit- in the background Ushio and Mikage follow them closely.

While Jack and Carly go out for the day, Crow kicks off the duel starting solo while Yusei just really drives alongside with him. Despite the security’s Gate Blockers “upgrade”, Crow still beats the officers using Black Feather Armored Wing’s attack Black Hurricane which actually placed a wedged that allows Yusei to deal the finishing blow.

Jack and Carly go to the theme part, only Jack isn’t quite amused not being effected whatsoever by all the rides they went on. Jack clearly not willingly to put up with it any longer gets up to leave where a child who immediately recognized him (clearly the kid had x-ray vision or something) and went on how he was passionate fan of Jack Atlas and that no matter how much the public will push him down the boy says he will always root for him. Jack pats his head saying nothing, but Carly observes the situation realizing that Jack is suffering inside and feels guilty for trying to write up an article about it. Angela the reporter spots Carly and asks if she had heard the tip that Jcak was around. Frustrated with Angel’s remarks how it’d be a fine fraud to see him lying through his teeth, Carly speaks up to Jack’s defense only to be told off that because they are reporters that’s their job. Angela also continues on how she had told her that she hated show-offs and people who try to act cool all the time. Jack, hearing the last part leaves without her. Carly immediately chases after him and notices the tower which can be seen from her apartment.

Back to the duel with the officers, it’s Yusei’s turn who summons Turbo Synchro. Crow activates trap card, Level Re-tuner and drops Armored Wing by two levels. With that, Yusei synchro summons Turbo Warrior who isn’t affected by Lv 7 or lower monster’s effect. With Gate Defender;s effect negated topped with Crows’s second trap Black Arrow, the card decreases Turbo Warrior’s attack power by 500 point and in exchange if its attack power is greater than a defending monster’s defense power, it inflicts Piercing Damage equal to the amount and then inflicts damage squeal to the destroyed monster’s original defense power. With the Officers still thinking their monster still has 4000 defense power while it the mean time it’s actually had dropped to 0 due to armored wing’s wedge. Finally to end the duel, Black Arrow’s effect damage activates.
That's right, Turbo Warrior can troll too.

With the day ending, Jack observes the scenery from the top of the tower. Mikage and Ushio watch him unsure when to step in. Just when Mikage was about to, Carly shows up saying that she had realized he was trying to get to this tower in the first place. She adds that they can’t see Satellite from here.He tells her his story how two years ago he abandoned his home, his friends, gave up everything. The only thing he gained why the title of being King and a acting like a clown who lied about who is was. He says that giving up everything made him realize something deep in his heart. Carly purposes that if he understands his mistakes, why not just start over as who is truly is. Jack proud with his decision announces that he won’t care about what kind of article she or anyone writes. Carly however vows that she will not write anything that would hurt him or any other duelist.


O____O Aiiii I made this super summary long… *DODGES TOMATOES* I better make this impression just as long….
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! This was such an entertaining episode! Crow and Yusei messing with the security guys, Carly and Jack hanging out for the day and in the end Carly encourages him back onto his feet by starting over from scratch. It was rather interesting how quickly Carly caught on about what his problem was, and what he where he was trying to go. When you think about Mikage who had served under him for the last two years with Godwin, if she weren’t so caught up with his “king title” maybe she wouldn’t have/be so oblivious about Jack’s emotional turmoil issues. Moreover she doesn’t seem in her head that Jack despise being called, “Altas-sama” when he had very well been dethroned and pretty much never actually earned his title through effort and won duels fairly (which is Godwin’s fault since he was the ones who hired and chosen those to duel him, not to mention quite manipulative). Back to Carly now, I love her. She’s so sweet, I like how she isn’t one of those kind of reporters like Angela who’d do anything to get a scandalous or hot scoop out. I also found it funny how Carly thought a theme park would be a good way to ‘relax’. While it may have be fun for some people, boring for others (Jack), or just brutally miserable (Mikage and Ushio), in the end it still didn’t quite go the way as planned.
Now for Crow and Yusei, I found the beginning part when it looked like they were going to punch each other was just hilarious. I also liked how Yusei decided to join the duel because he wanted to join the ‘fun’. Which is why I entitled this entry “Lets get into some trouble”, although it doesn’t quite regard to Jack’s and Carly’s date day. We also got a little insider that Crow also knew Jack very well, also one of their friends. He too thought Yusei had a grudge against him for taking Stardust and his D-Wheel. So it seems that this trio goes way back.
Preview: It’s getting dark and the Dark Signers are popping up again!!! WOOOO!!!! *SHOT*


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