Beelzebub Episode 10: The Unforgettable Tale of Kitteh-sama and Baby Beel

‘Tis is a story about kittehz. Or, should I say, about one kitteh. One kitteh that had the bad idea to start being hated by one of the craziest babies in the world.
It all started one day, as Oga was quite happy that he bought a “fist croquette”, and he is about to make Baby Beel taste some (because said baby is a needy bastard and wanted part of it) when the stray kitteh steals it and experiences LE RAAAAAGE of Oga and Baby Beel. As they keep walking though, the cat keeps following them, and then takes his spot on Oga’s shoulder (the one Beelzebub’s not taking). With this, Baby Beel becomes jealous and after destroying half the house and Oga with it sends out a letter of challenge to the kitteh. Following this declaration, Baby Beel gets owned, however with the help of cat thugs and Oga he manages to regain his manliness and ends up taking the cat as his disciple WTF. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention it but we can now also understand the cat language you know, because this show wasn’t already retarded enough.
The second part of this episode involves, once again, an attempt to try and bring Baby Beel to make new friends of his own age. Oga takes him to the children’s playground, where Kouta and Aoi Kunieda happen to be there. Baby Beel and Kitteh-sama that’s his name now go right ahead and play with Kouta, while Oga and Kunieda start talking (Oga hasn’t recognized her as the TKKH, since she has a different outfit and he’s extremely dense). Once again Kunieda disappears in a pool of shyness as she imagines way too many dirty things you naughty little girl. After she finds out that it’s once again a misunderstanding, she gets mad at Oga and he experiences LE RAAAAGE of an ex-TKKH.
Meanwhile, on the babies’ side, a serious war is starting off. Kouta, Kitteh-sama and Baby Beel are facing off against 2 other children to see who can make the biggest castle. After multiple fights, Kota and Baby Beel make the other team’s castle explode using a toy from the Demon World. With this, Oga leaves because he knows he’ll be in trouble, and as he walks back Kitteh-sama scares away some thug cats and since he doesn’t need training from Baby Beel anymore decides to go back on the streets sniff so emotional...
Okay, wtf. This show’s retarded. SO FUNNY!!!! But retarded…
Anyways… This week, my impression will sound a lot like all the other ones about this show: I really like it and this episode was hilarious.
The first part made me lolz a lot, with the cat making Baby Beel mad on purpose. Kitteh-sama was soo adorable! The last part of this, however, kinda got me confused… I mean, when you get talking cat thugs into a storyline where it was completely unexpected, well… yeah. I got confused o.O .
The second part was hilarious. The castle war in the playground was just great, it was absolutely awesome!
I was just slightly surprised that Baby Beel was in fact really weak. Whenever he goes in a fight with someone, he always ends up losing… D: So sad… I’m also happy that he found a friend to be with. I was expecting him and Kouta to become friends, and this week’s episode confirmed it.
By the way, it was said before that this show was going to last 12 episodes which made me really mad, however apparently now it’s going to last 23 episodes still not long enough in my opinion, but better than a half season. I just thought I should mention it, because I know I’ve said before that this was going to last a very long time I actually believed it, however I learned otherwise not too long ago and thought I should specify this.
On a side note, let me end with this: Kitteh-sama is adorable ^.^I know I said it already, but whatever!

Facial Expression of the Week

Oga: Cardboard Style.

Oh, and as a bonus, since last week we didn’t get anything:

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