Beelzebub Episode 9: Stupid MK5… *facepalm*

Want a cookie? Come on, it's not like it's poisoned or anything... Ok, maybe it is a little... Want one? 🙂

After seeing the way Kunieda was acting towards Oga, her subordinates have definitely figured out her feelings, and after stating that she cannot break their “vow” I’m guessing never to fall in love with a guy says “I feel a storm brewing” in a super badass way *suspeeeense*.

As for Oga, he has decided that he will give Baby Beel to Kunieda no matter what. While Furuichi is busy fantasizing over Hilda I don’t think you should… You seem to have forgotten that Hilda comes in a Combo Pack, with a 2 feet sized Demon Lord and being jealous of Oga , the MK5 first of all, who are you? appear and tell Oga that “he has let his guard down” How about you go die?. They attempt to attack him, however fail miserably and get their asses kicked by Hilda and Oga Thank you, come again 🙂 Oh wait, actually please don’t. Kunieda, on her side, is literally head over heels for him, and her sidekick repeats the whole “vow” thing, which is to “never acquire a guy” and that rule is apparently the one thing that’s been keeping the group of girls together. After Kunieda agrees that it won’t happen with a serious look that says “I-really-will-not-break-that-vow”, she turns around, sees Oga’s “wife” and decides to go kick her ass because she TOTALLY won’t break that vow facepalm.
Oga has a small conversation with Natsume, Kanzaki’s awesome but random sidekick, and meanwhile Hilda and Kunieda meet and start to fight. Guys, be happy, you get to see 2 badass, hot ladies get into a fight and possibly rip each others’ clothes off Ok, just kidding, they don’t reach that far into their fight, you don’t even see any blood cries a little. Hilda concludes that Kunieda is strong, however not strong enough for Baby Beel, and their fight is interrupted by 2 girls who come and tell Kunieda that her 2 sidekicks are now in the hospital, severely injured. Hearing word that they were going to have a talk with Oga, she automatically blames him and goes on the roof for a faceoff against him.
Oga, being completely innocent at least, that’s what I’m thinking, thinks she means that she wants the baby and completely catches her off guard again. She then misunderstands a phrase that he says and gets mad at him, attacking with all her might and her TM20AHEM I mean her rage. Meanwhile, Nene has awaken and we finally get to know what happened before her and Chiaki got beat up. It was all because of the MK5! Come on, didn’t you get it before? GO DIE. NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU GUYS. She hurries up to the roof so much for being severely injured and is stopped by MK5 again. It seems as though their plan is working perfectly, when Natsume comes in and ruins their not perfect plan YES, I KNEW HE WAS COOL AND COULD FIGHT. Nene reaches the roof and tells Kunieda that Oga wasn’t the culprit, which stops their fight and makes Oga beat up the retarded dude who controls MK5. Afterwards, he tries to give away the baby once again to Kunieda, however fails again.
Hilda, who was observing the scene, realizes that Oga does not fight girls, which she thinks is the stupidest thing ever and he loses some of her trust. after another short conversation, Furuichi and Oga and walking home when Kunieda passes them, wearing the actual school uniform, and she just gave away her title of power to Nene, meaning she is now an ordinary girl who isn’t controlled by a certain vow that she promised she wouldn’t break.
My, my, my. This episode was kinda cool. Kinda.
If it wasn’t for the MK5, it would have been much more awesome than a kinda!
No, really, they were simply a bunch of retarded guys who were the most horrid villains ever after Buggy from One Piece.
This episode was actually pretty good. We had a pretty good dose of fighting in this episode, I mean it wasn’t incredibly badass or anything, but there was a little more than what we’re used to seeing. The episode in itself was pretty funny, the plot advanced at a turtle’s pace no big news here, and we found out that Natsume could fight and be badass.I loved Baby Beel’s fight with the cat, it was really funny, and I also liked the end of the episode, where we learned Kunieda gave up her “LADIES RULE” club or whatever I’m sad she doesn’t get to wear what she did before, though D: She looked awesome. I saw the promo poster not too long ago and I was wondering why she had the skirt on, however this episode answered my question.

K, seriously. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS GIRL'S LIPSTICK?! It pissed me off all episode...

I’m guessing next episode will involve our next TKKH, the red-haired dude we still haven’t met who keeps showing up in the Opening!

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  1. this anime has become one of my favs its very funny and seems very original especially with the whole baby thing though i wish they would put some freaking diapers on the kid

    1. OMG TOTALLY! I seriously wanna give that kid some clothes! As for the series, it does seem interesting, however after learning that Studio Pierrot was taking care of this, and seeing how much they messed up the Bleach series, I’m reaaaally hoping they won’t do the same thing for this… then again, there’s always the manga, too!

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