Fractale Episode 9: Raise the Stakes

The temple decides to take drastic actions against L.M after Alabaster blew up one of their bases, in which Phryne and Clain were in, but managed to escape unharmed. They announce to the entire world that L.M are their enemies, having everyone turn their backs on them and chasing them out of the village. If that wasn’t bad enough, they also attacked some of the L.M’s villages. After hosting a conference among their alliance, the L.M has come to a decision where they will proceed a full attack. Fnishing their last minute preparations, Sunda requests Clain to take a picture of their group before heading out to battle. He also tells Clain to stay behind since fighting isn’t his sort of thing, and that he is responsible for protecting both Phryne and Nessa. After everyone departs, Clain, Nessa and Phryne are dropped off at a house where the three of them are to settle for the time being. They make a promise that the three of them will stay together forever – only later in the evening Phyrne decides to leave, only leaving a note behind in hopes that she can change her father’s and Moeran’s opinion on the Fractale system and let it collapse. The next morning, Clain grows frustrated after venting out his frustration he and Nessa decide to chase her down and enter the battle field.

Sorry for the major delay guys, but it couldn’t have been helped, I’m also waiting for Hourou Musuko to be subbed. And finally a reminder Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Ep 10 will not be covered this week due to it actually being officially released next week despite being streamed on the NicoNico and some other site that I’m too lazy to mention. Anyhow, lets get started!
Wow the episode really felt like it flew by. It turned out that what happened in the last episode was the major turning point, especially when Alabaster decided to purposely blow up the base. With the world now against them thanks to the Temple’s announcement, L.M hosts a major conference with all of their alliance to decide what to do. Alabaster suggests that they get straight to business and start a full fledge attack – seriously, how typical of them.
So the whole situation with the Phryne leaving Clain’s side again only this time to leave a note behind clearly reflects on what has happened during their first encounter. It also reflects on how Nessa thinks of Phryne. The first time, she was jealous and frustrated the Clain wanted to search for her, only this time she is more than willing to join him because they all made a promise and she has grown affectionate of Phryne. Speaking of Phryne, does she really believe that her father will listen to her? That disguisting bastard is so not worth it, talking to Moeran might would probably give her a better chance since she also finds the Fractale’s system technique and requirement to run is cruel (but still, she continues to support it, WTF).
As for Alabaster, since they are a twisted group I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they, after defeating the Temple (only if they do) they’d turn their backs on their alliance. They have displayed themselves as a very manipulative group that takes advantage of people. I am already getting the feeling they want the key, in this case, Phryne and Nessa for themselves to conquer the world, or whatever it may be in their hidden agenda.
Judging how quickly things are wrapping up, when I had originally thought this was going to turn out to be a twenty-four episodes series, it seems that it might just end with eleven (so it says on MALunless, something goes terribly wrong in the battle where as Clain has to somehow overcome the challenges defeating the Temple with whoever is left surviving from the battle. This show has prooven to be very unpredictable, and difficult to theorize.
Oh and of course, lastly I found when Enri was trying to confess to Clain was super cute. I hope she will be able to confess, whether she’s accepted or not, she has proven to be a very fun character despite her lack of screentime. AND ONE MORE THING, Nessa was exceptionally adorable today. <3


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