Aww, don't worry Victorique, everything will be alright! 🙂

He is now stuck in a van with last episode’s crazy lady, whom we can now give a name Anastasia. We hear about her story, and unless we had the pictures we’d definitely think this girls is damn high on crack, but considering the trauma she might have lived I’ll forgive her. Her story basically involves demons and curses, while the images we witness involve kidnapping and sex slave trading Aww, poor her D:. Once again, OH MY it involved a scary story that Avril told Kujo just before the trip, what a coincidence! Seriously, if all scary stories ended up being true just like in this show I would be scared… lots.
Once Kujo has promised to help her, the scene changes and he is roaming free, not kidnapped anymore! After rewatching the first part of the episode, I finally realized that the person who kidnapped Kujo was Anastasia and she just decided to go straight to the point and cut out the fact that she had done so, therefore confusing people like me O_o I get confused easily In fact, he’s out on the street looking for the little poor boy from last episode, who’s busy trying to sell Kujo’s hat. After a small conversation, Kujo and the boy go to the police station, in order for the little boy to give his testimony.
...Why so serious?

On his way there, he notices a poster showing Brian Roscoe whom we figured out by now was the suspicious magician and pointing out his name, and Kujo looks at it, thinking “I have heard this name somewhere…” You’re a fucking idiot. We then see the real Brian Roscoe, and on the contrary of what I wanted to think I was thinking, Brian Roscoe seems to have quite an evil personality as he gives Kujo an immense death look before said little guy continues his route to the police station Awww.

Now at the police station, apparently Weirddudewithweirdhair has a reason to have such weird hair! It is Victorique’s fault! I think… this part was a tad confusing, to be honest… Anyways, my point being, WTF?!?!?! How in the hell can they manage to turn this guy’s hair into A SERIOUS STORY?! While Victorique is still in her room, this time reading newspapers of Saubrème, she gets a call from Kujo and then solves the whole case for him. Kujo and Grevil manage to find a really smart way to prove that Jiangtan is the culprit of everything that was a problem right now except Victorique’s cold, that would be kinda weird if she caught it because of them. Unfortunately, the evil lord doesn’t want to get captured and decides to try and defend himself using a crazy lady who does intense martial arts and we’re continue with the realm of crazy ladies, apparently... Meanwhile, Kujo hurries to the room where the children are supposedly captured and finds that an illegal auction involving the demonized humans mentioned by Anastasia is currently taking place. Kujo realizes this and not long after this, the police comes in and arrests everyone.

The next few days involve Kujo and happy times with everyone he has saved. They all seem to live happily when he finally leaves to go back to the academy. His only wish is that Victorique got over her cold…

Hehe, hehe, not that I'm hitting on you or anything...

She indeed did, and after a dark and scary dream showing Victorique’s shady past she receives a gift from Kujo, who just arrived. Victorique looks at her now completely healed hands ohhh, symbolism, I like this!, then opens the box only to find a very sweet looking pipeholder HAHAHA NICE!!!! I approve of this present. Completely.
Everyone smiiiiiile 🙂 like idiots 🙂 because this episode was great like all the episodes before, and I really love this show :).
Anyways. The mystery was, once again, a little predictable, but it still caught my interest. This time, I liked the fact that Victorique barely was involved in this mystery, and Kujo actually had a major role in solving this mystery, showing that him and Grevil can actually kinda have a brain although Victorique still solved the case for them by phone, but whatever.
*stare* I don't like you anymore, you look too evil... ):

It also seems as though this week we have met some new characters! The little poor boy from before and one of Grevil’s friend are mentioned, and they look slightly suspicious and important which is why I mention them. I was also glad we saw Brian Roscoe again, I am really curious to know what this guy actually does in the story apart from being a magician. He looked reaaaally suspicious with that box obviously containing someone, and I’m also curious about that death stare… Hm…
I also really liked the hands symbolism involving Kujo and Victorique. It’s obvious that she was worrying about him, and I see her injured hands as something that was showing how worried she was and how much she thought about him. When he came back, she stopped worrying, and her hands were healed. That’s my interpretation of what the producers wanted to show, and I really liked it. I also loved the pipeholder, but that’s just me being happy over the simplest things. Victorique’s pipe just owns, and it is normal that she gets a pipeholder that is just as awesome, in my opinion :).
Anyways, moving on, was it just me or was the art for this episode waaaaay nicer than usual? O.o Maybe I just suck at noticing these things but this episode just made me wanna screencap everything out of prettiness exposure. Everything was pretteeeeehhhh!
*psychotic look* PRETTEEHHHHH!

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  1. ryo_kun

    I believe Bryan Roscoe will play an important part in this series. And I think Cordelia was inside that box. =)

    1. Myst

      Of course Cordellia was inside! At first, I have to admit when she sneezed I kinda thought maybe Victorique would have found a way in the city, but then I saw her in her room again and, when I think about it, it wouldn’t have made sense at all XD.
      Brian Roscoe is definitely important, I’m just not sure if he’s a good or a bad guy yet… :/ (He looks awesome though, I really hope he’s a good guy!)

  2. Tara

    Brian look suspiciously like Cadenza from Uraboku… like seriously.. (Go Gingas!!)

    1. Myst

      Hmm, unfortunately I have no idea who you’re talking about… :/ But I do agree that he looks suspicious!

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