Hellsing Ultimate OVA Episode 5: It’s Warfare Time!

For once, the first scene we witness does not involve someone being murdered sadistically, but rather it involves Alucard seeing visions of actors and the soul of his gun, basically it’s absolutely retarded but I couldn’t help but laugh. And laugh. And then laugh some more. In case you hadn’t realised, it’s a funny first scene.
Anyways, back to seriousness After all, a war is about to happen here, this isn’t the time for Alucard to dream funny things!, while Integra is still at the communication station in London, our crazy Nazi Boss is creeping in and slowly shutting down all communication in England, on his way to the capital. His soldiers are ready for war and chaos, but WAIT!!!!!!
…They must open their handbooks first, and read about their next operation.
But back to serious matters Gee, IT’S A SERIOUS TIME FRAME HERE, no more kidding around, we meet the First Lieutenant Zorin Blitz, who is to hurry up and get to the Hellsing Headquarters before everyone else in order to distract them Please retain this, he is told NOT to attack… We’ll see how that turns out hinthint Nazi Boss then goes into another rant dialogue about how he wants everything destroyed. In order to prove this to us, he then starts bombing the city, destroying everything and everyone in a spectacular and pretty awesome way, and also sends out his soldiers.
After this, we witness the communication center being taken over by Millenium, while Integra is still there. Of course, their plan automatically fails because Integra has Walter by her side, and Walter destroys every single one of them by cutting them into pieces.

This is just simply beautiful.

After we witness a couple of scenes involving blood, impaling, biting, limbs flying, sacrifice and sadistic killings Basically, it’s the apocalypse, Walter tells Integra to take a detour while he stays and fights with a First Lieutenant, and Integra is stuck alone in the chaotic city, trying to get to the mansion. She is about to get owned when suddenly ANDERSON COMES AND SAVES THE DAY!!! He has his own reasons to do so, however he ends up killing the vampires anyways and what counts is that Integra is safe as the episode ends.
So much chaos! So much action! THIS IS INTENSELY GOOD!
Yep, so if I wanted to summarize this episode in one word, it would be apocalypse. Everything is dying, burning, being impaled, eaten or blown up to pieces, and amongst all this mess we witness Integra trying desperately to get to her mansion and not die in the process. Right now, pretty much everything is going according to Nazi Boss’ plan.
Talking about him, this guy seriously talks way too much for no reason. I mean, just take the scene where he is about to send away everyone and orders to destroy everything. He can’t just say “DESTROY EVERYTHIIIIIIIIING!”. He has to order them to destroy “The Tames West Bank Building, the Big Ben, the Prime Minister’s residence, the National Defense Agency, Buckingham Palace, Scotland Yard’s headquarters, Westminster Abbey, Piccadilly, Soho City, Southwark, the central government building, St-Paul’s Cathedral…” OMFG HE’S DONE! Oh, but then someone mentions another important building in London, and he starts off his ranting once again for another 45 seconds. I don’t think I need to mention this anymore, but he wants them to destroy EVERYTHING.
But enough about rants and more about the actual war. The bombing and vampire invasion was totally sweet! Everything explodes, people are being killed by the thousands, and it was incredibly bloody and disgusting. I loved it! Moreover, there was an amazing soundtrack put into the show at these times, making the whole thing even more enjoyable as everyone was being sadistically killed 😀 Wow, I sound like a complete psycho O.o Then again, I am, so whatever.
Anyways, I’m excited about Walter’s fight against the other guy. First of all because it’ll most likely be a badass fight, and also because he seemed to know him, and so it might give us more info on what happened 50 years ago! I was kinda sad this week that we didn’t see Seras or Alucard at all. I mean, after the credits there was a little preview showing Alucard on the boat, but that was it. I hope Integra gets to the mansion safely soon, and I dunno quite what else to hope for… I dunno, maybe have Seras drink blood? 😮 That would be cool… I also hope Anderson becomes less of a crazy psycho, I mean he totally scared me in this episode… Even if he ended up being a nice guy!
P.S.: I apologize for the absolutely horrid quality of those screencaps, unfortunately streaming doesn’t get much better than that for this show -_-‘.

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